A collection of videos highlighting our exploits.

    Cyrus Videos - Always Classy!

    They say that the outcome of any war is decided by the history writers. Well these days, the judges also include those who edit the videos! Here is a selection of videos we have made in various games to showcase our guild activities, and to give you an idea of what it would be like to be a member of Cyrus. For more videos, please visit the Cyrus Youtube channel.

    CYRUS vs Server - August 30th, 2011

    Tuesday 30th August saw the Cyrus guild go up against pretty much the entire Defiant faction single-handedly. Severely outnumbered, but determined not to call in re-inforcements, we had an epic fight at a Defiant raid rift in Stillmore where we were initially pushed back, but somehow managed to hang on in there and retaliate with devastating effect!

    CYRUS vs Tainted - August 26th, 2011

    August 26th saw another Cyrus guild PvP event go server-wide. After leading a massive Guardian raid to Meridian, we then faced off against the Defiant Tainted guild in a 20 vs 20 battle.

    The following videos will open directly on the Youtube website. Click the images to open the video in a new browser window.

    Cyrus PvP Rifts

    Cyrus hold a guild event to stop the numerically superior Defiants dominating the PvP rifts, and then open a few of their own. Uploaded on Aug 29, 2011.

    Meridian Boss Kill (Defiants Boss)

    Meridian Boss Kill

    On Sunday 18th September, Cyrus attempted to organise a PvP event against the Defiant faction. We advertised which zone we would be in, and at what time days in advance. However when it came time to fight, no Defiants were brave enough to turn up.

    This act of cowardice could not be left unpunished, so we rode all the way to the Defiant capital city Medidian, located their main boss, and killed it! We got several server firsts from the NPCs in the room, including the main boss itself.

    Cyrus vs Murdantix [August 25th, 2011]

    Cyrus vs Murdantix

    This is actually our 3rd Murdantix kill, however the first one where it didn't have some kind of bug. Our first kill completely bugged out and trivialised the fight, and our second kill didn't spawn the adds in the final phase.

    Haammer Time [Rebecca Black - My Moment]

    Haammer Time

    Our main tank, Haammer, promised to sing any song of our choice when we killed Murdantix in Hammerknell. Of course we went with the summers biggest hit, "My Moment" by the fabulous Rebecca Black. Hear Haammers hauntingly beautiful rendition of this classic song which brought a tear to everyone on ventrilo! Never before has an entire guild been so moved.

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