SCRUBS 2.0 | 11th december | The one true Supreme Champion defends his title!

Super Cyrus Ruthless Ultimate Brawlhalla Skilltest 2.0

On July 12th 2018 those of lowly origins where allowed to attempt to enter the Hall of Legends!
When the dust had settled and all slaughter had been done, none of the scrubs where left standing and the superiority of the Supreme Champion was, once again confirmed.

Even though many would consider these events a -once in a lifetime-, your Supreme Champion is truely benevolent and not unwilling to give the SCRUBS another shot to enter the Hall of Legends!

So who's ready to be humiliated once again? Who wants to take second place and be called " second best, after Caellin"?

11th december 2018
19:30 UK Time

registration will close on 10th december

Sign up now and call your psychiatrist for he will be ready to retire after treating you for this disappointment!​


Participants (4/16)