Rocket League KO and Chill - Wednesday 19th September

Date: Wednesday 19th September starting at 19:30 UK time.

Yes, another Rocket League night - cool your tits! But really this is more an excuse to get together and chill, play a few games and laugh at the noobs who can't hit the ball. Like @Remus_ for example. That's probably not fair - poor Remus_ has to play with an awful lag living all the way over in Ireland "Australia", so let's even things up a little and agree that EVERYONE who plays against him must play on his choice of server location! Those who haven't seen him play before may think this gives him an unfair advantage, but trust me... ;)

Anyway, to make this a "tournament" because the software doesn't handle team matches and I already spent money and time on it, we'll make this evening a quick 1v1 tournament with double elimination (so everyone gets at least 2 games), and then afterwards we can make up some teams and either play online against the filthy general public or against each other in private matches.

If you don't like Rocket League but would like to just hang out for a while and meet some guildies, especially if you are new, feel free to pop on Discord. And if you've never played Rocket League before but would still like to join us, do it - it's a great game, and I promise you wont be the worst one there!

Hope to see you there!


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