WoW Top Ten Old School Warcraft Videos


Originally a straight top ten, I have split the videos into two separate lists, making for two top fives. One section covers PvP montages and the other is a bit of a mixed bag. Before we get started, I have a couple of honourable mentions.

Whenever World of Warcraft videos are mentioned, two clips spring instantly to mind. I haven’t added them to the top ten as they are so iconic, they transcend these types of lists but here they are in all their shouty glory.




First, we have my top five picks for old school PvP videos. You know the type - poorly edited clips of maxed out bullies beating the shit out of Battleground noobs to the soundtrack of obnoxious nu-metal. However, these are the best of the bunch, showcasing a high degree of skill, cunning and sheer bloody overgearing…

Overly long and self indulgent, this is still an excellent example of it's time. It's basically Ret Paladin ownage set to a blistering soundtrack. Oh, and there's a story in there too somewhere.

Simply titled 'WoW Gnome Mage PvP', this clip demonstrates just how slippery and mobile mages were in Vanilla. If this doesn't either have you in tears from laughing or re-rolling a mage, then I'll eat my kilt.

Ugh. Another Undead Rogue montage set to heavy rock? True, but this is Grim, a bit of a legend back in the day. His considerable skills are only matched by his ability to make a bloody entertaining video.

With over one million views, this is one of the most well known PvP videos from back in the day. This Tauren Warrior is geared to the tits in full Rank 14 gear and the legendary Thunderfury as well as having full consumables and World buffs stacked. The result? He vendors the opposition. Why vendor? Because they are trash and he is Pat.

Not happy that we've rolled Alliance? Want to easily turn over the guilds decision and go Horde instead? Show Redh this video. This fully decked Shaman with Sulfuras just strolls around casually deleting noobs with insane windfury procs. If ever there was a reason to ditch the Holy Light and set up shop in Orgrimmar, this is it.


Not fitting into any specific topic, this top five has a bit of everything. From sexy moves to tasty guild drama, here's the best of what YouTube has to offer.

Not so much a proper old school wow video, this YouTube clip shows where a lot of the main races got their silky moves from. Were it not for Chris Farleys Chippendales skit, this might not have made top 5.

Although, Athene’s YouTube career went down a strange path including raising over $10M for Save The Children and starting his own cult, the eccentric Belgian is perhaps best well known for his Warcraft videos. In them, he brags about owning noobs and gaining high BG ratings. Part parody, part factual – you can see the video that kicked it all off below.

Rogues are often viewed in a negative fashion. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the stealth mechanic? Perhaps it’s the amount of control they have with stuns, saps and blinds? Or is it just because they tend to attract the worst of the worst, mouth breathing troll kids whose only fun is to gank low levels while masturbating into a bag of Doritos? Who knows…

Drama. I love drama. These last two clips embody everything I want to see from Classic WoW. First up, this classic Ninja Looting clip involving the guild Nevermind on Arthas. When the guild downed Garr in Molten Core, the eager raider quickly moved in to see what epics had dropped. After a brief discussion on who was to receive what, it soon became apparent that the items were no longer on the boss. Moral of the story? Always use masterloot!

If there were ever a standard of open world PvP trolling that I’d like Cyrus to achieve then this would be it. To set the scene, Fayejin, an avid WoW player, who was an officer in a Horde guild on the Illidan server, suffered a fatal stroke. Her friends decided to organise a virtual funeral to say farewell. It was said that she enjoyed fishing, and the snow. So the meeting place was set in Winterspring and posts advertising the event explicitly requested that attendees be left alone out of respect. Enter well known, troll PvP guild, Serenity Now



I deliberately avoided any ‘singing’ ones. It’s a funny clip but could’ve been filmed using any game or even with sock puppets so I don’t really count it as wow specific.
Wowo so many good videos. That troll vid though was by far and away the funniest.

Also I had compeletly forgotten about Athene. He reminds me of Caellin.... except good.
Omg the Moar Doats one...I love it! What about Jimmy, man? You can't forget about Jimmy! Even to this day whenever I hear Purples, I sing it in my head.

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A few years ago I was binge-watching loads of old wow / guild drama / loot ninja videos and laughing at all the overreactions and fall-outs, when I suddenly had a flashback to some of our "good old times" and how I've yelled at everyone in a raid or PvP group! I was panicking that maybe someone had recorded me and put it up on YouTube, so I went searching - everything for Cyrus, Redh, Shitty Tyrant, etc. Thankfully I seem to have gotten away with it so far, but I think that will become harder now that everyone has a PC powerful enough to record!!

Some great videos here - and I agree that the funeral one was the most epic. Thinking back to our Rift days, when we were that guild that everyone loved to hate, would I have done the same? Man, that's a tough choice! But I like to think that in the end we'd have gone for it! They set it up beautifully though capturing the moment from both perspectives. Glorious!