WoW To 2200, and Beyond!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, guildies and quitters. They said it couldn't be done - so we just went and did it. Cyrus have now reached a legitimate, non-boosted, stable HORDE guild team rank of 2200 in Rated Battlegrounds. Now we aren't just epic, we are elite!

I never gloat. Except when I'm right. Which is all the time...

Our hard work and endurance paid off - while we did get stuck at around 1900 for a little while, everything came together this week and we successfully pushed from 1900 to 2000 on Wednesday, then to 2100 on Monday, and 2200 today. The difference? We have first managed to recruit a solid group of players willing to put the effort in, improve together, listen to honest feedback and practise team strategies. Secondly, we practised. We increased our commitment from 3 to 5 nights per week, which allowed us to capitalise on good nights and call it on bad nights. And then finally, we believed in each other, played with confidence and destroyed the opposition.

The truth is, once we broke 2000 rating, things seemed to become a lot easier. We were constantly matched against much higher rated teams, which meant we earned faster rating by beating them. And what was strange, these teams weren't as strong as the teams we were meeting at 1800 - 1900 rating. Our theory is that there are a lot of teams out there with "paid for" boosted players who simply don't know how to play their class within a team environment. This seems so pointless in a 10 vs 10 setting where the best boost you can have is to be in a regular guild group that plays together and earns their way to the top.

So well done Cyrus, well done to those who stuck with us and believed, and here's to 2300 / 2400. On the way to 2200 we don't feel as though we've been challenged yet, so there should be much more to come from this team!



Brilliant result guys. Well deserved. And well done for the commitment and drive after so many set backs. A fantastic result for the guild.
Congratulations with the big achievement, guys and gals! Good to see that practise finally paid off.

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