[Guild News] The Cyrus Podcast - Episode 4 is LIVE!

Welcome to episode 4 of The Bull's Horn, a bi-weekly podcast from Cyrus Gaming!

This episode lasts around 62 minutes and covers our recent guild activities in Rocket League and WoW, a discussion on Open World PvP including favourite stories from our guildies, the latest news from Camelot Unchained, and of course all the penis jokes you can handle! Here is the episode rundown:

- [00:21] Introductions
- [00:50] Cyrus Activities: Rocket League Brexit Special, WoW Activity
- [05:28] Ask the Zerg: What's your most memorable moment of World PvP in an MMO? *
- [20:04] Discussion Topic: Open World PvP in WoW **, previous MMOs and hopes for Camelot Unchained
- [47:57] Camelot Unchained News: General updates
- [58:03] Upcoming Events: WoW Schedule, Rocket League Boost Challenge
- [1:00:37] Next Episode: If you could put an enchantment on a weapon that had to be balanced, what would it be?​

* Link to 'Naked Cyrus' picture as discussed!
** Link to WoW realm populations

Please don't forget to leave your comments, feedback and ideas after listening to the episode - and make sure you catch the discussion thread for next episodes "Ask the Guild" section when it's put up. This is our podcast, so get involved and Help Make Podcasts Great Again!

NEXT WEEK'S 'ASK THE ZERG' QUESTION: If you could put an enchantment on a weapon that had to be balanced, what would it be? Added Flavour text is also welcome! Send your responses to @Raffles ASAP!

Here are the links to the downloads:

SOUNDCLOUD (Stream and Direct Download):



Thank you to Daemion, Hakugard and Raffles for your work on this, and as usual I look forward to the next episode!


Hey guys! I listened to this half on my way to work and half on the way back home and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I liked the ideas @Hakugard had about how they can add some world pvp in WoW - for me, it's important that world pvp has meaningful objectives for which people want to go out and fight: that is pride and a worthy prize. I agree with Raffles that one of the best reasons to PvP is forums and community drama. To give you an example, here is a link to a thread someone made on the Rift forums about Cyrus leaving Whitefall: http://forums.riftgame.com/retired-.../eu-shards/pvp/whitefall/274444-so-cyrus.html - I miss this!

I was surprised no one mentioned Rocket League for "games that give you that pvp kick".

I find the API of Camelot Unchained exciting and I can see all the neat stuff Redh can do with that: add info on our forums, when someone posts an app, the info about his/hers char can be automatically extracted and added into their app on our forums, a cool roster with all our info, etc.

Camelot Unchained being sold to Asian companies, hmmm...I don't think the game will look anime enough for the Asian market. The women will have too many clothes on them and no jiggly boobs.

All in all, a very good one guys. Thank you for the efforts you put into it!
Hopefully you could tell @Dia that we enjoyed recording it this week and were happy with our work. I think this is the best episode we've done so far and I hope that opinion is shared.

I have to admit that I didn't think of Rocket League for PvP because I was too transfixed on the idea of MMO games in that section.

Don't forget, everyone, to reply to the Ask the Zerg topic when it goes up!
I haven't listened to the whole episode, just the Ask the Zerg section. Interesting as always to hear what everyone else has submitted. And yeah the guy we ganged up on in Akaron was afk, I misspelled that. The one I was thinking about was the time when we had killed the commander in one of the bigger camps and the guy teleported in right in front of us.

If I can come with one suggestion it would be to try and find questions that are not as susceptible to long-winded answers like this one. It's difficult to describe something like this in a few sentences, it's easy that the story becomes so truncated that it loses its charm in the process. On the other hand you wouldn't be able to present more than a few if the stories were longer.

A follow up to that would be to ask questions were you could have a discussion about the results. I don't mind the guessing part but that feels more like an internal guild thing than something for any external listener to enjoy.

I'll try to follow you as much as I can. I'm just not a podcast person. I don't follow any podcasts, blogs or v-blogs unless occasionally if it's about a subject that I really care about at the time. And I know that's the dilemma as a whole for us at the moment. It's a waiting game until we find ourselves in a CU community on a live server.
I listened to the whole thing in full.

One thing that gets me is the amount of pure speculation on the CU topics, I understand that there is very little info to go on but it's a bit frustrating (as I think Peedy touched on) to hear a lot of opinions on things.

I get that these things are difficult when your subject matter is a total non entity but rather than go on about it how about talk more about the things that have been happening in the guild?

It gives people listening an insight as to what we're all like and should be the focus, rather an Camelot Unchained.
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