WoW Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!


Some things in life come easy. And some things in life come hard. But the best things in life come together, and that's exactly what Cyrus decided to do one evening in late November when the Eye of Sulfuras dropped from Ragnaros during our Molten Core raid.

In case you don't already know, the Eye of Sulfuras is used to combine with a Sulfuron Hammer to create the legendary weapon 'Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros'. But getting the Eye is almost the easy part - the Sulfuron Hammer first has to be crafted, and the materials required run into the many thousands of gold, and some components are rare drops from raid bosses themselves. This legendary weapon is simply not meant to be earned by a single player, but with the support of an entire guild.

With that in mind, Cyrus set to it. With our server completely dominated by Horde, Kataya decided the best way to grind for the gold and materials needed was to start early - very early - when almost everyone else was snugly tucked up in bed. With the help of several guildies, he managed to amass most of the materials that were available outside of raids.

The big stumbling block, however, were the materials that only dropped from another raid boss inside Molten Core - eight Sulfuron Ingots from Golemagg the Incinerator. During our previous raids the guild had only seen three of these drop, and they were also very expensive on the Auction House at around 750 gold each. As our drop rates were quite low, we decided to put it to the guild by way of a vote: should we all chip in and spread the cost to buy the remaining ingots? Even divided by every member of a 40 person raid we still needed a lot of gold from each member, 100 gold, so it was a big decision.


This is quite the shopping list. And it scrolls!

Happily, Cyrus came through, and the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of raising the gold collectively and aiming to get the craft done before Battlegrounds release on the 10th december. And so the donations started pouring in, and one by one we were able to purchase more Ingots. We did make one tactical error though - the guild Faithe had 3 Ingots for sale on the Auction house, so we contacted their Guild Leader to ask if we could purchase them all at a slight discount, perhaps just the AH fees that they would save. Well, Faithe did remove their ingots for sale - and promptly put them back up for sale and raised the price by 33%! What.... wonderful people.

Despite Faithe's greed, we managed to secure the Ingots from other sources, and tonight, Monday 9th December, we finally had everything in place to craft the Legendary weapon. And for your viewing pleasure, we managed to capture the moment!

A sincere THANK YOU to every member who contributed, and congratulations to Kataya on his shiny new legendary weapon. This is very well deserved, and he has worked incredibly hard to earn it, and will continue to do so for some time!


And here is Kataya, proudly showing off his Lionheart Helm! Sidenote: At the time of writing, Faithe STILL have 3 ingots for sale on the Auction House...

Good on you, Cyrus - this is one to feel good about!
Kataya and everyone well done! Now lets see some horde going down with that legendary mace!
It's so shiny I will have to lower my graphic :p
Congratulations @Kataya and Cyrus! Amazing achievement and a great collective effort from everyone. Very proud to be part of this community!
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Congratulations, Kataya! An amazing collective job, as Ralgost says, proud to be apart of this and it was my genuine pleasure to help with this.

Also, loved this quote, hahaha.

Well, Faithe did remove their ingots for sale - and promptly put them back up for sale and raised the price by 33%! What.... wonderful people.