[Guild News] Recruiting now for Cyrus Squads!

Introducing Cyrus Squads - multiplayer and co-op gaming for players who want more than just a casual drop-in, drop-out experience!

Cyrus Gaming, established in 2009, is starting a new venture in multiplayer gaming. We are looking to create dedicated gaming groups, which we refer to as Squads, to play co-op and competitive multiplayer games together with a focus on teamwork and co-ordination to reach a higher skill level of gaming.

Each squad will have their own focus and set of goals and priorities. Some may wish to play competitively and target a specific rank advancement, while others may simply aim to complete a co-op game from beginning to end on the hardest difficulty setting. There is no right or wrong way to approach gaming, and Cyrus Squads is all about finding people to play with that have the same level of drive, enthusiasm and willingness to improve as you do.

Cyrus Squads is being grown organically, with a view to fostering an overall sense of community that spans across multiple squads. We are not looking to become a massive gaming community full of strangers, and we will occasionally organise optional gaming nights for everyone to join in a specific game if they wish to as part of our ongoing Club Cyrus events.

We currently have 4 squads running, some of which are now open for recruitment:


Squad Name: Private Parts
Game: Foxhole
Status: Closed for recruitment

Private Parts currently has 6 regular members, most of whom have been playing the game since launch. The squad is keen to bring a lot of organisation and variety to the game, setting specific targets for each gaming session and establishing an efficient logistical, tactical and front-line chain of command.

Whether you are new to Foxhole or are an established player, you will enjoy the game far more with a well structured group to play with!


Squad Name: Team Awesome Force
Game: Closed for recruitment

Team Awesome Force is playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and is looking to establish a squad aimed at eating chicken dinner on a regular basis! This is a group with skilled players, a competitive spirit and a lot of energy! Prospective new members should be reliable and willing to play late into the night.


Squad Name: The High Octanes
Game: Rocket League
Status: Closed for recruitment

Rocket League is an amazing game which can be enjoyed at any skill level. This squad will be focused very much on competitive 3v3 and future tournament play (ESL Sunday Cup, Gfinity, etc). We are looking for Steam (PC) players at around Platinum 3 or above rank with a view to pushing into Diamond and beyond.

The squad will consist of 4 members and train three evenings per week from 18:30 UK onwards. Any tournament play is in addition to training schedules. Please only apply if you are willing to put in the hours and training necessary to improve!


Squad Name: 100% Tactical
Game: Various: Ghost Recon Wildlands, Shadow Warrior 2, Dying Light, The Division, etc
Status: Closed for recruitment

100% Tactical is currently focusing on co-op gaming with a view to completing games "the way they were designed to be played". They have completed Ghost Recon Wildlands on Tier 1 difficulty, and are now slashing their way through Shadow Warrior 2 in Insanity mode.

This squad will be playing a wider variety of games than some of the others, and will recruit according to the available group sizes in each game.


And that is pretty much everything you need to know! If we are not currently playing a game you are interested in but think our community is a good fit for you, please feel free to contact us and see if we can find a way to accommodate you. For a list of Squad rules and information on how to apply, click here!

"Join Private Parts today for the good of all humanity."

Which kinda works both as a recruitment message and the key to life itself!
completed Ghost Recon Wildlands on Tier 1 difficulty
This and more 100% complete truths will you find from the amazing trio + Sarah. What's next for the tactical-minded player? Climbing to Grandmaster in Starcraft 2 by only playing with right pinky finger while standing on one leg? Who knows! Sky's the limit!
This and more 100% complete truths will you find from the amazing trio + Sarah. What's next for the tactical-minded player? Climbing to Grandmaster in Starcraft 2 by only playing with right pinky finger while standing on one leg? Who knows! Sky's the limit!
I've seen some people finish Dark Souls 3 laying down, with a fishing rod controller and using only voice commands. Do you think we are at that level of elite gaming too?
Not only on that level but I think we can push in a full bodyweight workout routine between voice commands too!
...I am not sure if that's going to work or put them off.
Redh showed me his private collection once (you the pictures new applicants need to provide in order to get into the guild)... and i gotta say... everything looks quite "healthy" in there.
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