Raid Specs for Phase 2


Guild Leader
13th Mar 2009
Hi all,

We announced this last night, but just to clarify and for those who weren't there, we will be relaxing the raid spec requirements for most classes in order to allow members to raid in more PvP-focused builds and not have to respec every week for the raids. There are some caveats to this, however:

1. If our raid times suffer too much, we will reverse this decision and ask everyone to return to their raid specs. So make sure you can still do your job!

2. All new builds need to be green-lit by your Class Leader for the raids, so do check in with them before you make any changes.

3. You must stick to your role - if you are a healer, you must remain an effective healer.

4. Kill all the Horde!!

Please remember that when the Battlegrounds come in Phase 3, there will also be a new raid to contend with. Therefore we will be asking you to return to raid specs in Phase 3 at least until we have the new content locked down. Until then, have fun in Phase 2, and I look forward to getting some PvP action with you all!


Core Raid Member
13th Aug 2019
From a mage point of view, I am happy with everyone being a deep frost spec, apart for the one winters chill mage. Repike is happy (for now) to keep this role, so you should all be very gracious towards him.
If at any point he does want to respec, we will start a rota for everyone to be the one winters chill mage each week.
Please continue to bring consumables with you, as they are even more important now we will be in sub-par raiding specs.