WoW Prince Thunderaan is Slain!


Prince Thunderaan is Slain! Oh, and we also got Thunderfury... It's pretty exciting, really!

We actually saw the first Bindings from Baron Geddon over 6 months ago during our first raid in WoW Classic - we couldn't believe our luck! And then the same Binding dropped again a short while later... And again shortly after that. Three Bindingds from Baron Geddon, and nothing from Garr. GARRRRRGGH!!

But today our fortune changed, and the virginous screams of delight pierced all our ears on Discord! Now usually I would write a captivating article filled with intelligent humour, alliteration, in depth gaming knowledge or just straight facts to describe the events in a way that would magically place you in the moment right alongside us. But fortunately for everyone, good old Dawarrior happened to be live streaming the event. And even with my superlative creative writing prowess, there is no way I could possibly do this moment justice.

So sit back, enjoy, and maybe turn down the volume on your speakers!

And now for some screenshots!


The guild stayed after the raid to kill Prince Thunderaan. It was a beautiful moment - this screenshot only took 15 minutes to organise.


Prince Thunderaan himself! I guess we'll never know what he actually looks like. THANKS DIA, GREAT SCREENSHOT!


Not bad at all!