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13th Mar 2009
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Greetings all,

A new feature has been added to our website: Tournaments. In the past we have used external websites to generate brackets and keep scores - well, no more! In the past we have had to vote in polls to register for these tournaments - well, not as often! With this new feature members can create a variety of tournaments types for others to sign up to.

The tournament types available are as follows:

  • Single Elimination. This is a basic knockout tournament. Lose once and you are out.
  • Single Elimination (with consolation). Similar to the above, however when you lose a match you get entered into a secondary "losers" tournament. So everyone gets at least two matches.
  • Double Elimination. Similar to the consolation, except members in the losers bracket can win their way back to the final. Includes a bracket reset, so if the losers bracket winner beats the winners bracket winner in the final, the final is reset to an ultimate final. Basically, everyone has one life and can lose once without being completely knocked out of the tournament.
  • Round Robin. Everybody plays everybody else once. Match results are recorded in a league table with wins / losses / points difference recorded.
  • Manual with no bracket. Use this for basic sign-up management, no bracket computation will be made for you.

When you create a tournament, you will see the following screen:


It should be fairly straight forward, however just a few notes.

  1. Enter a logical title - this will be used to create a new thread for your tournament. Use something like we have used before, for example: "Rocket League 1v1 - Wednesday 24th October".
  2. For the description, don't be lazy - enter a fun description similar to what we post on our event threads. You can use full BB Code, so feel free to include images if you wish.
  3. Set the end date to 30 minutes before your tournament will run, and make sure to include the actual tournament date in your description and title.
  4. Give AT LEAST one weeks notice for sign-ups.

There are two categories for tournaments - "Official Cyrus Tournaments" and "Member Tournaments". I'm sorry this sounds elitist, however this is basically a quality control check. Only I can create "Official" tournaments for now, and these will be run as our previous Club Cyrus / guild events. Any guild member may also create a tournament in the Members Tournaments section, but obviously I will not be involved in the running of these and cannot guarantee their quality / reliability!

If you create a tournament, you MUST attend. Only the tournament creator can enter the scores, so you are responsible for running everything and keeping it all updated. It is very easy to use, so don't worry, and I'll usually be around to help out. You can either ask competitors to give you the scores on Discord, Steam or to post on the tournament thread on the forums that will be created for you, and then you must input these and save them to the system.

Currently the system only allows for single-name entries from registered forum members, so we can only allow for 1v1 type tournaments. This sucks a bit for Rocket League as we all prefer 2v2 or 3v3. However in the future I hope to expand this to allow for teams.

I think this covers everything for now - if you have any questions please ask on this thread. I really hope this will enable us to do more things together, and we can have some fun gaming nights!