WoW Molten Core and Onyxia Cleared!

Ragnaros - The Firelord, Former ruler of the Firelands, Lord of Fire, Lord of Flame, the Great Fire. And now we have one more title to add to the list: Extinguished.

As a 40-man guild raid, Cyrus has one-shot every boss in Molten Core - Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Baron Geddon, Golemagg the Incinerator, Sulfuron Harbinger, Majordomo Executus, and, finally, Ragnaros. We were always expecting to do well in the early raids, and our members have been working very hard on their pre-raid BiS gear in preparation, but I am only being honest in saying that this feels maybe a little bittersweet.


Ragnaros has been extinguished. After 15 years he was looking pretty burned out, and we ended up one-shotting him!

Of course we are not claiming this to be some momentous gaming achievement - the early raids in Classic WoW have not been all that challenging so far - that should come in later phases. But it does still take a certain level of commitment to get there and do it as a guild. And that's where I feel our real success lies so far - in the guild we have created.

Cyrus was established in early 2009 and has enjoyed a great amount of success spanning several MMOs. But in all that time I can honestly say that we have never had such a strong start in an MMO as we have with Classic WoW. In every aspect our members have worked harder, performed better, helped others more, and made my life as a guild leader far easier than I have ever previously experienced. Now whether they can stay the distance and reach the dizzy heights of our past glories only remains to be seen!


Onyxia dead. She wasn't so tough really - tasted a bit like chicken though...

Our challenge moving forward is to keep the momentum going and maintain a steady course during the next couple of phases until we have new content to entertain us. The Dire Maul dungeon is releasing next week which will give us all a welcome new grinding spot (hello Warlock and Paladin mounts, and come here you wonderful wonderful new Mage water!), and then before the end of the year Phase 2 will launch with a couple of World Bosses (Azuregos and Kazzak) and the PvP Honour system and ranks.

But it's not until Phase 3 that we get a new 40-man raid, Blackwing Lair, and two PvP Battlegrounds - Alterac Valley and Warson Gulch. So Phase 3 will obviously be awesome, with lots to do as a guild and in organised guild groups. But until then we do not have a whole lot outside of the World PvP honour ranks to farm.

Wait, did someone say World PvP???!

Now my memory is sometimes not so good, but I seem to remember a certain guild back in the day that achieved a lot of success in Open World PvP games... What were they called again? Here... nope. Ginnu.... nope. Tain... nope. Ah yes, now it's coming back to me!

I. AM. CYRUS! We couldn't wait until 2026, so we'll have to get our PvP kicks in Azeroth instead!

Of course we are going to keep Molten Core and Onyxia on farm every reset, and of course we are going to think up plenty of other things to do for fun in the meantime. But we will have so much time to spend, it'd be a crying shame if we didn't take a good look at the World PvP scene in a serious way during Phase 2. If we are going to have any measure of success we will need to give it a similar level of focus that we have with the raids, but if we do it properly it will be well worth it. Some of you raiders may think you don't want it, but trust me, with Cyrus... YOU DO!

After all, Cyrus is a guild built on rage, fury, all-out-aggression, and the infamous Raging Bull of Terror! Just look at Dia leaping into action to attack Ragnaros:


PS - a couple of my own personal favourite moments during the raid tonight:




Ahhh, Karma - NOT YOURS! :D
Had an absolute blast! The 4g worked like a dream “thank you EE”!!.
Need to get to 60 ASAP as my mans pool wasn’t deep enough at times. Also need to make it a bit of a challenge for seria to gear up!
Good to see Celin (lol) getting some sweet shoulders!

less said about the start of the raid the better. However, the horde really owned us! I’d say they know our raid time and will be waiting every time now. I think everyone was dead before my flash heal was cast ??
Well done, everyone! It was really a brilliant night, everyone showed up in time, was ready in time, in good spirits...It was perfect. I look forward to get the other guys in the raid too that didn't get the chance this time.

it'd be a crying shame if we didn't take a good look at the World PvP scene in a serious way
Some of you raiders may think you don't want it, but trust me, with Cyrus... YOU DO!
Yes, yes, yessss! I am so excited about the world PvP!
Cyrus was established in early 2009 and has enjoyed a great amount of "Success"
I really enjoyed last night. Very smooth run. Everyone performed & had a good night. I'm looking forward to the future and what it will bring.

Well done Boys & Girls.