WoW Mists of Pandaria

There comes a time in every mans life when he has to refocus and re-priorisitse the important things in his life. Work, family, even wedding plans - ALL these things can be put completely on hold so that the launch of WoW: Mists of Pandaria can be given the time and dedication it deserves. So call your boss, tell your wife and kids, and definitely don't think about taking your girlfriend up the aisle any time soon - the Pandas are coming, and the World (of Warcraft) needs you!

"Dammit! Every time I fart, the wind changes direction and blows it straight back on me..."

For those lucky enough to foresee the fourth coming of WoW and buy shares in Red Bull, you are in for a treat. That exciting race to level 90, getting through the new content, farming your PvP gear to pwn some noob scrubs who didn't book the week off work - it's going to be a lot of fun! But what makes it special is doing it with your buddies. A strong guild, an active Teamspeak, and a committed membership makes any game all the more fun, and here at Cyrus we are lucky to have it all.

Mists of Pandaria will be our first full season in World of Warcraft, and we will hit the ground running. We will be starting with two Rated Battleground teams (with a third on the way soon), and we will be one of the few guilds running 25-player Raid content. Play the game, as it was meant to be played! Our goals for the season are simple - 2200 ratings, and to complete the raid content while it is still relevant.

We have a packed schedule, with Rated Battlegrounds running every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and Raids every Monday and Wednesday with occasional Saturdays thrown in for Raid Finder and other smaller content. There are always members online to group with, and we will be looking to add a handful of new members to our team to ensure a balanced and reliable structure.

So if you have no life, have a life but are happy to put it on hold, or just want to pretend you have a life but will mysteriously be available for every guild event anyway, then Cyrus is for you! We have a proven track record in our previous games, and are determined to reach our goals in World of Warcraft.

Have fun in Mists, and see you there! Remember: pro gamers don't sleep / wash / use the toilet / have a life!


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