WoW Midnight Coup in Zul'Gurub!

Redh refuses to write an article for this, as "it's a dirty stinking coup attempt by a bunch of wannabe usurpers who should appreciate him a lot more after this disaster of an unscheduled raid". So I guess it's up to me!

Great raid, everyone! I had a ton of fun. Things that happened:
  • We took hours to even get in due to lag and server crashes
  • Maitai got drunk
  • Aneurysm got drunk with him, then got banned mid raid
  • Timo kept stealing bijous
  • Iselore was denied another weapon upgrade (a green bow)
  • Nettle was being bullied and killed by everyone
  • Zed got a Windows the middle of the raid and couldn't log back in
  • Dia strolled in with her Onyxia buff untouched, the other scrubs died to millions of Horde
  • My bags have now 1000 different coins and crap in them


Come at me, bro!


Waiting for Ninefingerz to get in, that slacker.
Awesome summary @Dia, you should write our homepage articles from now on!!

Lousy raid. Chaotic, noisy, drunk people slobbering down the microphone, nobody knew the loot rules or what they were rolling on, Timo was in the raid, Iselore was robbed of another weapon upgrade, Dia thinks she's a good player now because she lucked her way in without dying, terrible write up. 5/7, would do it again!
Just feels weird to have adhered to them all raid mostly. They even changed now and again, so that was also interesting. But, it was what it was.

Would have been nice to have been able to try to get the blood scythe, but with the wolves throwing themselves over the piles all the time, I just didn't bother after a while. The raid as a whole got a few, so that's good at least. See you for the next experience!

It was as weird as one can expect at 3am
Shame I missed the fun! Woke up at 12am GMT time instead of server time...which meant I got stuck in the queue that barely budged!

Another notch in the belt of raids. Well done!
My favorite bit of the night was @Dia asking after 1h of stood on the little island next to westfall
(were are we going!)