WoW Laserfun Makes Rank 14!


Congratulations to our Paladin Class Leader Laserfun for setting himself the most arduous goal in WoW Classic and actually following through and achieving it! Today Laserfun achieved PvP Rank 14. Of course when he told us he was going for this we all knew straight away that he'd do it, RIGHT EVERYONE?! But seriously, yeah, we are NEVER doubting you again, Mr Grand Marshal Laserfun!

To celebrate this momentous occasion I asked Laserfun a few questions about this journey, and here are his answers!


Hello Laserfun, and first of all congratulations on achieving this amazing goal - Rank 14! What a journey! When did you decide that you would go for Rank 14, and what was your biggest motivator?

It just came to me.. I needed a Motivation to play the game again. Before i started ranking i wasn't enjoying the game so much, and I struggled to do things. So I asked myself why not going for Rank 14 and have a goal in the game. I think that's the reason why i did it - to motivate myself again. Also I wanted to prove to myself and others that I can do something like this!

Why was Rank 14 easier for you to achieve than, say, The Hand of Ragnaros?

I'll be honest here. I'm not good in farming gold or keeping it. So it is really hard for me to get the Hand of Ragnaros... I also hate running Dungeons over and over again. It's more fun to do one battleground all day long than grinding the same mobs over and over again.

Was there any point where you thought you might quit? If so, what made you pull through?

Oh boi, lots of times I wanted to quit! Sometimes it was such a mess to play. But every time I had the feeling that I wanted to quit I talked to you guys and you had my back. Also I didn't want to quit because the people that were questioning me would have been satisfied and say "I told you he wont make it" - that thinking pulled me through the rough times.

At what point do you feel the guild started taking your ranking seriously and start believing in you? Did you feel the support of the guild at this time?

I think it was quite late. Maybe at Rank 12 people started thinking "wait a second, is he really doing it?!" Unfortunately there was not that much support needed from the guild because of the pre-made ranking groups. But I'm 100% sure that if i would have asked someone to help out they would have.

What are you looking forward to doing most now that the grind is over?

Now that I'm finished I'm just glad that the pressure is over to cap every single week. Also I can finally play the game for fun again and do stuff with the guild... I know it sounds kinda weird, but I cant wait to get the grind going for Maitai and for us to achieve Scarab Lord, and to clear AQ40 so that we basically have done everything in the game!

How different is the PvP when focusing on ranking than playing normally?

It's a huge difference. This is not PvP as we all know it.. it's an Honor grind. You want the highest HPH (Honor per Hour) no matter what. So you basically lose games on purpose (e.g in WSG when you lose one Flag) to keep the honor up. Conclusion is you don't need skill (maybe the basics) to Rank up you just need to have a lot of time. Finding the right group is not a problem if you have the right Class and Gear.

If you woke up tomorrow and this was all a dream, and you were just Rank 4, would you do it all over again?

One word: NO!! :D

Dude. You are Rank 14! You did it! SPEECH!

The only thing i can say.. THANK YOU ALL for everything you did, even if it was only a small word. I know I was not available for you guys and I appreciate that you guys were not bitching about this. I'm glad to play with you all, and i hope it will go on for the entirety of WoW Classic and BEYOND! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Grand Marshal Laserfun, you are a legend! I am so proud of you, and happy for you that you have achieved this. When you first told me I honestly didn't think it would happen, but you just kept on going and going and going, and by the end everyone was believing in you and cheering! Well done, and enjoy this week as the top ranked PvP player on Shazzrah! WE SALUTE YOU!

Grats mate, i did ranking semi seriously for 2 weeks (and even then only the 4 weekend days) to make rank 10 on Solu and that nearly killed me, so WELL DONE FOR STICKING IT OUT!!

Loved it when i heard *BOP on Nine, go HAM!!* (although im sure the premade thought WTF is NIne, seen as i was playing Sol)

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