WoW It's Never Too Late: Heroic 8/8

With the PVP season finished (our RBG teams ended just shy of 1900), Cyrus has now completed the PvE side of Cataclysm with three weeks to spare. We killed Deathwing on Heroic a week after downing Warmaster.

With the first five heroic bosses comfortably on farm, our 10-man raid team spent two or three weeks farming gear and learning the Warmaster dance. The next lockout after downing it it (the week of the pre-patch) we broke through to the progression fight on Spine on the first raid night and put in some extra time to not only down Heroic Spine, but to finish the week with 8/8 HC. Switching our third healer for a DPS did the trick.

Our time in Cataclysm has always been a game of catch-up, with the guild and many of its members arriving in WoW after the release of 4.3; DS had been nerfed before we made our first group for it.

We started late and we reached the finishing line late, and we are now looking forward to seeing how we fare on a level playing field, cutting our teeth on fresh content with a 25-man raid team.

P.S. We would welcome a few more friendly faces!


Story written by Karesk, formerly the 2nd best Cleric in Rift, and currently being carried in RBG teams.
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