Club Cyrus Introducing 'Club Cyrus'!

This month marks the seventh anniversary since Cyrus was officially established in Warhammer Online. Over the years we have played several MMO games, each time devoting our complete attention to the game we are playing at that time. This is just how we approach our MMO gaming - we focus on one thing, master it, and become the best we can possibly become.

This has been great for members who are enjoying the game we are playing, and who are still committed to making progress. However it also had the drawback that when a member needed a break from that game, or became tired of it altogether, it has been difficult for them to remain part of our community while everyone else is so focused on something they no longer wish to participate in.

When members have left our guild, it has almost always been because they no longer wish to play the game we are in, and not because they wish to leave the community itself. And that is why we are introducing Club Cyrus - a casual-friendly way to play a variety of games together!


Being a member of Cyrus has traditionally required a regular commitment with regards to availability and attendance, and will obviously continue to do so with our MMO gaming. However with Club Cyrus, we will be organising casual gaming nights in a variety of non-MMO games that we can play together just for the fun of it. There will be no need for regular commitments (although advanced signups will still be required to reserve private server slots and organise teams), and you can join in on whichever games or nights suit you.

This will become a new regular feature for Cyrus, and will continue even when we are playing MMOs again (when Camelot Unchained is launched). We all need a night off from MMOs at times, and this will provide a good platform to let off some steam and renew our gaming energies rather than get burned out doing the same thing night in night out. Of course this will be in addition to anything we organise in MMOs, not instead of - we wont be watering down our focus on achieving greatness again where it really counts!

Club Cyrus is open to anyone who has been a member of Cyrus Gaming, past or present. We are not currently recruiting for this section of the guild - all new guild applications will be MMO-specific. If you would like to participate then all you need to do is sign up for any event that interests you. It's that simple!

We hope this brings something new to Cyrus Gaming, and acts as a way to renew and continue some of the friendships we have made during our journey in MMO's so far.


When organising which games we will play as part of Club Cyrus, we will announce 3 primary games that will be scheduled the most frequently, and then maintain a list of additional supported games that we will schedule less often. We will do this so that our members know which games are worth buying and they'll get a lot of use from, and which games may not be played so often and therefore they may wish to skip.

The following games are currently considered our 3 primary games:

Tom Clancy's The Division is a co-op FPS game with RPG elements thrown into the mix, with the stand-out feature (other than the stunning graphics) being the Dark Zone - a zone where players can go "rogue" and battle against other players to loot their unsecured gear. Supports co-op groups of up to 4 players.

Rocket League is a mix of rocket-boosted murder vehicles ramming a giant ball (and each other) around a 4 vs 4 football arena in the hope of scoring spectacular goals. Supports 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Guild vs Guild league nights or public ranked matches.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a game set in the middle ages where you play as either an Agathian Knight or Mason Order - basically, a psychopath with a very frightening array of sharp weapons - and run around looking to impale or slice off the limbs of your enemy. The action is chaotic and insane - and very messy! Supports up to 32 players in various solo or team-based modes.


The following games may be scheduled, but will be far less frequent than the primary games. New games will be added to this list in the future!
  • Overwatch
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Quake: Live or Quake III: Team Arena
  • Grid 2
  • Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

There are a few things you should keep in mind with regards to Club Cyrus, as this is not run in the same way that the main MMO guild is:

1. Casual gaming nights will only ever be scheduled on non-MMO gaming nights. This is something we will do in addition to our existing schedule, not in replacement of it. Our MMO commitments will always take priority, and if something important is happening in our MMO we reserve the right to cancel the casual gaming night.

2. We are not becoming a multiple MMO guild - we will continue to focus on one MMO game at a time. Club Cyrus is about playing more casual games, such as sports simulations, FPS or racing games.

3. You can choose how often you play - it could be every event, once per month, or just once per quarter - it's completely up to you.

4. Sign-ups are completely optional, however if you sign up you are expected to attend. This is because we will be organising teams and paying for server slots, so failure to show will be letting others down.

5. As these are casual gaming nights, we are not worried about whether members are particularly skilled at these games or not. This isn't an MMO where you will be expected to master your class and game play - so long as you play seriously, feel free to suck - just don't complain if you lose!

6. Common Sense guild rules apply - if you behave like an annoying little shit, you'll still get kicked!

7. Have fun :D


Current and former members of Cyrus can register for Club Cyrus here!
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