WoW Guild Update - One Month In!


Ladies and Gentlemen- it is time for another 'State of the Guild' update! We have been posting similar threads to these in our private members forum every week since launch, and are making this one public to give any potential new members an idea of where we are within the game to help them decide whether to apply to us.

WoW Classic has now been out for four weeks, and the most surprising thing for us within the guild is how low the drop-out rate has been from our members. We were expecting far more to have thrown in the towel by now, as is usual in "new" MMO launches, however we are very impressed that, with the exception of a couple, everyone has stuck with it and is continuing to make excellent progress.

The guild has definitely benefited from an 'old school' approach to recruitment, requiring a written application and a voice interview, and as a result we have put together a wonderful community filled with knowledgeable, helpful and guild-focused members. We are so happy that we have not had to recruit 'in game' at all, and that we have a full and healthy roster which is almost ready to begin raiding.

We currently have 20 level 60s in the guild, and a further 24 members between levels 50-59 who are catching up fast. With the focus turning from farming XP to farming for Best In Slot gear from the final endgame dungeons, it will be great to start mixing up the groups again and moving towards guild-only raids. Most of our level 60's have already raided Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair in collaboration with another guild, however we are very much looking forward to our first official 'Cyrus' raid within the next week or two.

Here is the levelling progress for our Core Raid team:


And the breakdown by class:


We also have 14 members in our Casual Raid group, and an additional 12 social / PvP only members:

01-20: 4 members
21-30: 4 members
31-40: 12 members
41-50: 2 members
51-60: 4 members


Last week we set the target for all Core Raiders to reach level 50 by this update, and everyone has put in an impressive effort to do so. Those lagging behind have contacted us and have genuine reasons - either holidays, internet / computer problems or just being overloaded at work. This is exactly why we recruit more than 40 Core Raiders for a 40-man raid, and so long as these members are committed to catching up, their raid spots are secure.

The target this week is for everyone in our Core Raid group to reach at least level 55 by Monday 30th September and to be attuned for Molten Core. For information on how to attune, please check this thread. It would also be a good idea to have completed the quests for Hydraxian Waterlords reputation. This means that by Wednesday 2nd October we should be ready for our first Molten Core full guild run, so if that's not enough motivation to get you over the final hurdle then I don't know what is!


Obviously we will continue farming all the endgame dungeons - BRD, LBRS, UBRS, Strat and Scholo - as we have been all week. It should be easier for everyone to find groups now that our Warriors are reaching the required levels. On top of this we have two scheduled events this week:

Wednesday 25th - Molten Core Reputation Farm. All Core Raid members level 55+ and attuned are expected to attend unless they have otherwise notified, and all other members are welcome to turn up on the night.
Monday 30th - Guild PvP Night. Open to all members level 55+, please make sure you sign up on the thread in advance!


Because the majority of our members are now level 50+, and those catching up are expected to do so pretty quickly, we are only recruiting new members who have reached level 50+ for our Core Raid team, and level 40+ for our Casual Raid team. We are not doing this to be elitist, but simply because there would be very few opportunities for a new member at lower levels to group with us for a significant amount of time, and we don't like any members to feel left out.

We are currently recruiting the following classes for our Core Raid team:

Mage x 1
Priest x 1
Rogue x 1
Warrior x 1

We are also recruiting ALL classes for those with a focus on organised PvP groups and guild PvP events, and will also consider any exceptional applications for classes with a LOW
requirement listed on our homepage - currently Druid, Hunter and Warlock.

If you would like to apply, please register on our forums and post an application on our Recruitment section.

Thank you for reading!


"So far we are having a blast, and have been totally surprised at how friendly the Horde on our server have been with their welcoming parties to literally every instance entrance in the game. Lovely people, we can't wait to return the favour!"

Oh, is that what they were doing? I didn't realise and swore at them instead of thanking them. They must be thinking I am so rude now.

I really did not think I could make it to 50 by Monday but I did! Can't wait to be 52+ and play with the big boys!
Good to see the Warriors finally coming through. Just need the priests to make a wee push so we can start getting reliable dungeon runs from 52+. We can do this!