Star Wars Epic Guild Event Results: Bugs 1 - 0 Cyrus

Sunday 8th January saw the first meaningful guild event for Cyrus in SWTOR. However it was not quite the outcome we were all hoping for. We expected to outnumber the enemy, but we didn't expect to encounter so many problems with the game and server.

Cyrus in Ilum: We are not a zerg guild. We are not a zerg guild. We are not a zerg guild. Resistance is futile!

The first problem we encountered was long server queues. This prevented some members from joining us at all for the event, and caused many others to have to quit when they were disconnected from the server. We even lost our Raid Leader early into the evening, who was not able to get back ingame for the rest of the event.

More seriously though, the lag on Ilum was far more than it should have been. The game hasn't been released long enough for large scale PvP to have really started yet, however with even just our own guild in the zone there were a lot of bugs and problems to contend with, and I can't imagine anyone on lower spec computers being able to compete.

We did manage to secure the zone and occupy the enemy base for some time, and we even managed to help a couple of enemy Jedi learn how to use the completely overpowered gun turrets and provide a useful demonstration as to what happens when they are fired against us. But other than a few small scale skirmishes, there wasn't a lot of action to be had.

The best part of the evening was seeing how the newer and older members of our guild fit together, and to know that we have a really nice group of players who didn't let the many negatives of the evening ruin the atmosphere on teamspeak. If the game manages to fix these critical issues within a reasonable timescale, we will once again have an amazing guild full of skilled and organised players, and experience the very best of what SWTOR has to offer.

The obligitory guild screenshot. I hope you can read all the names...

So hang in there everyone - the game is still young, and while there is much to fix it would be silly to get disheartened until Bioware has had a chance to work on things in a live environment. Thanks for the excellent attendance, and the nice evening on Teamspeak!


bummer i missed it, but it was fun following ya lot on TS, while waiting 1500 in queue :p

looking forward to be able to participate meself.

Beliad and I managed to stick around for the first 10 minutes or so... however the freeze-frame lag made the game totally unplayable for us. Probably due to having old PCs =( Lower 'spec' games like WoW run fine for us with 25+ players. I was utterly shocked at how poorly our computers handled 40+ players on lowest settings. I imagine there are a lot of engine problems that contributed, plus those quest update flashes and more.

Anyhow, not being able to move, or type, or do anything - other than crash and burn into noxious plastic scented toxic fume fueled agony.... we decided not to reconnect or spoil your fun on TS =)

Glad to hear you had some fun despite the difficulties! Super upset we couldn't join in for long =( But glad we got to see the good community spirit at the beginning.

Sadly purchasing new computers will have to wait for Beliad to find a new job =( Fingers crossed '16 man' content won't be as hard on the computers /sob

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