Druid and Paladin healers - we got your belt!


Raid Leader
13th Aug 2019
Hello to our druid and pally healers!

As you are probably well aware, as soon as phase 3 launches there is a craftable belt that will be your undisputed BiS for quite a while:

Corehound Belt

The recipe is available from the Thorium Brotherhood and we are currently working on making sure we get one of those in the guild.

Now, as those belts are made partly with raid materials, LC and officers have discussed how to handle that and decided to provide these crafted belts at significantly reduced cost compared to what you will find them for on the AH. You have all worked hard in MC to get us where we are and we all benefit if you heal better! As we are preparing to distribute these, we already have all the mats ready for all healers that need the belt (that is including the mats that are NOT raid drops) as we expected those to rise if we waited until the last minute to buy them.

We have decided to offer these belts to all raiders for 220 gold. Because we always want to reward people that went out of their way to get their BiS, you will receive a discount if you have the Belt of the Ordained (pallies) or the Sash of Mercy (druids) of 30g, dropping the price to 190g. This price covers all the non-raid materials, as well as most of the cost (shared amongst all you healers) of getting the recipe itself.

Please note that we are currently reserving the materials to make 8 of these belts. If we have more interest from people, we will decide later if we can uphold this offer for more people, but do realise that our Guild Bank does not carry endless materials, so no guarantees there. Our Core and Casual raiders should be covered with what we are currently offering.

For your reference, if you exclude the crafting fee, the mats alone at current AH prices would come to about 370g.

They will be available before we set foot in BWL. If you are interested in getting one (and you should be!) please take a moment to gather up the gold before we set foot in BWL. If you have any questions, let us know!!


Core Raid Member
20th Jan 2020
To be honest, I am not sure what kind of a signal we are sending by letting a Swede have the first belt. I don't think I am comfortable with it.