WoW Cyrus Rebooted - Moved to Stormscale

MoP on Outland has been a challenging prospect for some. First there were the server queues, reaching over 4500 at times and preventing many players from logging in. Some managed to overcome this by using remote access software to queue from work, but with the server instability kicking people randomly it wasn't a perfect solution. Next up was the actual gearing process - straight forward but grindy for PvP, and a rediculous Reputation farm for PvE, all the while being ganked by 9000+ Alliance. For a guild like Cyrus, which had set high standards for members in both areas, we ultimately failed in both to get off to the start we wanted.

Cyrus have moved from Outland to Stormscale

This caused particular frustration for a handful of members who, after playing alongside us daily for several months and building up friendships, quit the guild in preference of chasing a higher rating a little sooner and easier. This was a very sad day for our members, and really highlights the worst about running a guild and 'meeting' people in online gaming. However they have justified things in their own minds, there is something cold about how they have behaved, and it is yet another reminder that the task of a guild leader sometimes isn't to make friends or build a community, but to ensure that your guild is reaching the goals you have set out.

Sorry lads, I'm off to join the enemy - they seem to have a stronger army than us...

In MoP it would be fair to say that Cyrus has not met our goals. Activity in the guild was high, but focus and progression was lacking. And this hurt us most with our Rated Battleground teams who seemed to have taken a step backwards from last season. So the time has come to take drastic action - to make changes and rebuild the guild from the ground up.

Outland, with its server queues and Alliance dominance, had become virtually impossible to recruit from. Many regular and returning members had been encouraged to leave the server through free character migrations by Blizzard, and this meant it was impossible to plug class gaps when we needed to. Although a very active server, players who stayed there were clearly there for a reason, and were not looking for a guild (especially in a game where the easy route is to pug). So our first step in rebuilding is to make use of the free character transfers and move to a new realm which will hopefully allow us to recruit again.

Cyrus has moved to the Stormscale realm.

The next stage of our rebuilding is to refocus the guild. With MoP, we started out aiming for 25-man raiding, and then switched to two 10-man raids. However the queues meant that many members couldn't farm the reputation grinds in time to get going (slackers). For the immediate future, we will no longer be scheduling PvE raid content, and all members will be expected to focus on PvP instead.

We will also go back to basics - we will recruit for and organise guild Arena teams, both 3s and 5s. This is a great training ground for members who wish to play Rated Battlegrounds at a high standard, and they will learn about other classes, CCs, cooldowns, communication and co-ordination. We will be scheduling Arena evenings in place of our current Rated Battleground evenings. Once we have enough skilled members to field a strong Rated Battleground team, we will then begin to arrange teams (likely 2) and start to push for a rating.

This is a long-term project, and anyone who either follows us from Outland or joins us on our new server should have the patience and determination to meet the guilds goals. This is about achieving something as a guild, together, doing things the hard way and earning it. If you think you're better than everyone else, you are in the wrong place. Potential members should leave their egos at the door and realise that if you want to succeed in this guild, you will only ever be as good as the sum of all parts, and your responsibility is to try and make those parts as strong as possible.

So if you are up to the new challenge, and you are prepared to take a lot of "so honest it hurts" feedback to improve your gameplay, then feel free to apply to join Cyrus. We carry no passengers, and every member will have to earn their place in a team. If you don't cut it, you'll be dropped. You will be told why, and you will be given the chance to improve in Arena teams. But you WILL be dropped. If your ego can handle this, you will hopefully find a spirited, welcoming and friendly community of players who don't all think they are going to be the next WoW Youtube star.

Quitting LIKE A BOSS! Going rank 1, yo!


Although there are some bad news here, it's really exciting to see a dedicated core ready to make a fresh start.
I am really happy for that and I am sure a new successful period is up ahead.

Maybe it's time to rename the guild as "phoenix",

or just use it a guild emblem

The phoenix is a mythical sacred, immortal fire bird.
When it dies, bursts into flames and is reborn from its own ashes.
"To rise from the ashes of the phoenix" means to make a miraculous comeback.
(exactly like Cyrus did numerous times)

I hope fellow Greeks don't get me wrong as this was the symbol of Greek dictatorship 1967-1974.
or is it more accurate this way? Redh?
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