[Camelot Unchained] Cyrus and Zergs in Camelot Unchained

The definition of a Zerg: "Any group of enemy players that is either larger, or appears to be larger than your own group. For example, if you are in an open world PvP zone with 4 of your guildies, and an enemy group of 8 come along and wipe you, you were pro PvPers and the group of 8 were brainless zerglings who can't play against equal numbers. If that group of 8 then gets steamrolled by a different group of 15, then of course that group of 15 become the zerg, and the 8 become the group of elite PvPers. It is very important to never recognise your own group as the zerg - ONLY the opposition can be called this."

Here we see a Jedi group zerging the pugs. Scrubs!

WHOA! We were wrong - the Jedi are pro PvPers! Look at that Empire zerg! Scrubs.

Overpowered AoE classes are OP. No skill. No class. Scrub.

Johnny Rambo anti-zerg to the rescue! Must be a Cyrus member! Pro PvPer!

Of course, this is a typical bullshit description that tragic, pus-filled virgins like to tell themselves when they are too much of an anti-social basement dwelling simpleton to group up with other people and play as a team. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. Massively. These sock-humping scrubs are too used to exaggerating with the word "massive" to describe their shrivelled penises, so of course they have forgotten that it's supposed to mean a LARGE number. Pro tip - 4" isn't massive, guys.

In reality, there is no such thing as a zerg, only an excuse. There are only two things: winners and losers. You can define winning and losing however you like, but you can't complain about the strategy or situation you are dealt with. Deal with it or change it.


The very idea of expecting a fair fight in open world PvP makes us cringe. If you want to play 10 vs 10, go back to World of Warcraft battlegrounds. A fair fight to us means that each player has the same choices and opportunities when they create their character - anything else is fair game.

So don't go crying to the official forums when you are outnumbered. Don't go crying because your faction is constantly losing. And definitely don't log off because you are too chicken to respawn and fight back. Damn, you closeted suckers make me sick! Cyrus have been in this position in every game they have played, and we have never complained. Man up and do something about it. PLAN! ORGANISE! COORDINATE! LEAD YOUR FACTION! BE THE CHANGE!

Daaaaaamn.... Did he just call me a CHICKEN??? Nobody calls me a chicken!

If you are losing a fight, change the fight. Don't complain that your enemy is more successful than you, this is just pathetic. You should be thankful that you have the opportunity to improve, and to be the best you can be. If you never get knocked down, how can you rise up?

No matter what numbers you run in, there's always a bigger fish...


You can't complain about being outnumbered in Open World PvP. If you show up with too few players to complete your objective, you have failed to plan. This doesn't mean that the only option is to run in larger numbers - but you can't complain when you bite off more than you can chew.

Similarly, don't be ruled by the fear of losing. Push yourself. Don't give up. Change your strategy. Most importantly, learn from your losses. You have to keep adapting and evolving, and you can't be put off when things don't go your way. What in life is worth achieving if it comes easily?

There are many things a smaller group can do, and this can be a lot of fun. Smaller groups tend to be more mobile, more precise and more specific in their objectives. They aren't going to win the war, but they might just assassinate the enemy commanders. And in our book, this is most definitely winning, even if it does end with your guild having to respawn.

You are not Rambo. Unite and organise to change your outcome!


Camelot Unchained is not designed for solo gankers. Many classes in the game will rely on being part of a group, and will not function effectively on their own. This is great for people like us who care about creating strong guilds and playing with a regular team. Grouping up is what an MMO should be about.

If you want to get the most out of Camelot Unchained, you will want to join a guild that can play and compete in any situation. And this is exactly what Cyrus is all about.

We expect to find lots of small to medium size guilds who roam in numbers between 5 to 15. And we also expect that some of these groups will fight alongside each other in an unorganised manner, with only the smallest of coordination.

Then there will be the occasional large guild capable of putting out between 20 - 40 members. These will be the guilds everyone else complains about, create the most drama and have the worst reputations on the secondary PvP zone - the official forums! Most of these guilds will be zerg guilds, but some will actually be good at what they do, but probably not recognised for it.

And finally, we expect large-scale battles with organised pushes against the enemy faction. These will be zone-wide events where numbers and cooperation will be one of the most important factors.

Cyrus will aim to yet again create a guild that can be effective in any of these scenarios. We will create groups who play regularly alongside each other, learn each others playstyles and improve their communication and interplay skills. These groups will be effective "spearheads" in their own right. However by running multiple such groups we will have the ability to come together as a guild, call in reinforcements when necessary, and give us the opportunity to play against almost any opposition we meet. It also means we can set ourselves greater objectives in PvP without relying on external backup.

I'm just trolling with this picture. Obviously CYRUS ARE BORG. YOU WILL BE ZERGED...

We are well experienced in motivating our faction to work together and fight against superior numbers to achieve faction goals. In both Warhammer Online and Rift, Cyrus stepped up to lead and unite the many other guilds and pugs to turn the tide of PvP for our faction, from the losing to the winning side. We regularly organised guild-leader events to improve inter-guild cooperation, and also organised many server-wide PvP events for both factions to improve the activity and competitiveness on our server.

Cyrus was originally created in Warhammer Online in 2009 as an "anti-zerg" guild, and while our opposition may have a different perspective, we have always tried to keep fights fair (ish!). Of course we aren't adverse to the occasional "show of strength" where we'll lock down a zone and kill anything that moves, but we try to be responsible when we have the upper hand, spreading our forces and keeping things interesting.


People often try to describe their small guilds as the spearhead of an attack - the elite who form a small, sharp precision offensive that can be more effective than a brainless zerg at achieving certain objectives. Cyrus agrees that this can be a fun and challenging playstyle, but we feel it is also limiting what you can ultimately achieve in a game. Sometimes you also need numbers push for a bigger objective, or to be the difference maker for your faction.

Cyrus is not an unskilled zerg guild - we just like to have the numbers to call in so that we can be effective in any given situation. We like to think of ourselves as a surgical blunt force instrument. If you are trying to hit a nail into a wall, would you rather use a spear or a hammer?

Cyrus works hard to train their members to play together as an effective team. If all you want to do is ride out with a zerg, put no effort into your gaming, or get carried, we are not the guild for you. We are highly organised, practised and we demand excellence from our players. Our members will get to know their class, how it fits into the bigger picture of their guild group, and what our objective is when riding out. We try to operate on a larger scale than some guilds, but this doesn't mean we are any less selective when it comes to recruitment.

We value a player's ability as part of a team over solo skills. Sometimes the best solo players make the worst group PvPers as they have a more selfish playstyle or don't follow orders as effectively while they chase their own kills. They can also have massive ego problems! If you can follow your group, position effectively, not overextend, follow targets, communicate your crowd control and cooldowns, engage and disengage when instructed, then we don't care if you aren't the best dueller in the game.

Some guilds think that it is better to have a small group of 8 elite SAS mercenaries than a unit of 20 army soldier recruits. Precision being better than numbers. Well Cyrus believes it is better to have a unit of 20 elite SAS mercenaries!

A typical Cyrus group. We said YOU weren't Rambo. We said nothing about us...
hiya all ...4" isn't massive, guys ...my wife said it is !!!
Hey Monkeypooh! Great to see you here - I really hope you'll be joining us for some Open World PvP goodness once Camelot Unchained is out. It's totally your kind of game, and we could do with a calm, strategical thinker such as yourself. Stay in touch - we'll be requiring your services once again! In case you miss the announcement, I'll email you once Beta is available :D

I love how there are actually 20 Rambos.
I love how you actually counted! Good man! :viking:
i pop in from time to time, and was lmao reading the magnificent and inspiring road to being a total CUNT ...like many other right thinkers it often helps to know that there are others with a clear vision and a helpful how to road map out there ..

As for Cu i will be playing and hope to in some small way join yer all in Cyrus ...my play times are still on the odd side so if possible will help on the 11pm..to 3 am slaughter fest ..

remember the only time to kick them is when they are down
As for Cu i will be playing and hope to in some small way join yer all in Cyrus ...my play times are still on the odd side so if possible will help on the 11pm..to 3 am slaughter fest ..
That'll be great, and that's the nice thing about this game - it wont require such tight schedules in order to get in on the action. Whereas WoW and some other games made it important to have xx members on at a specific time in order to do anything, with Camelot Unchained there will always be something to do. I missed that about Warhammer Online - logging in at 1am and joining the guild warband until 4am and still having loads of fun!
wow long time no C i like to give this game a shot, seems to be alot of fun!
Hey! This game has to be awesome, or some of us will have wasted about 3 years of our lives waiting for it! I'll email you when Beta is available, in the meantime we'll be posting updates on our forums too. Hopefully see you then! :)
I was always taught that if you end up in a fair fight, your tactics suck.
Exactly !!! I never 'intend' to get in a 'fair' fight lol - i always want to get there fastest with the mostest ;]

@times i end up in a fair fight (or even a losing fight) but that was never what i wanted to have happen - ;)
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