WoW Could you have a little Cyrus in you?

Cyrus have recently transferred to the Stormscale server, and it is time to get our recruitment on. This article is to explain what our current goals in World of Warcraft are, and where we would like to be headed over the coming months.

Rated Battlegrounds

This is our top priority as a guild, and the part of the game our members enjoy the most. We have previously ran up to three guild Rated Battleground teams concurrently, and are looking to get back to a similar position on Stormscale. Our first team will be aiming for 2200+ this season, and selection for this team is very much based on players skill, attitude and patience. We do not want a quick carry, but rather a team that earns their way through practised teamwork, progression and achievement. Our second team will be consisted of highly skilled players with a target of reaching 1800 - 2000 this season. And our third team will be for members at or below 1600 who are looking for their first experiences in Rated content and looking to break into the higher teams.

We like to maintain an open recruitment policy, so if you demonstrate the right attitude and we require your class for a team, you are likely to get a chance as a trial member. However it is always important that members know their own capabilities so that they wont be disappointed if they aren't placed in the team they were expecting. At Cyrus we will give you constructive, honest and sometimes blunt feedback. This isn't a guild for egos, and ragers will get kicked before they finish calling us noobs!

We run Rated Battlegrounds 3 times per week - every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening starting at 20:20 server time (19:20 UK time).

Silvershard Mines - one of the new Rated Battlegrounds in MoP

Arena Teams

We expect all guild members to be part of an active 3's Arena team. This is the best way to practise your skills, learn other classes, and demonstrate that you have the ability to play well in a team. It will also highlight any weaknesses you have, and bring out your true competitive personality! While we don't look at arena rankings as a true reflection of a players RBG ability, it does give us an indication about many factors of your playstyle.

PvE Content

PvE is not a focus of ours at the moment. However some members have expressed an interest in getting back to 10-man raiding, something we did in Cata, and we may also look at setting up Challenge Mode teams. Whenever we do this kind of content though, it will be purely for fun and teambuilding. We will still expect participating members to take it seriously, but it will not become a part of the game we will take competitively.


If after reading this you feel that Cyrus would be a good match for your playstyle, please feel free to register on our forums and post an application. All members should be over the age of 18, and we do ask for a posted application - it really does cut out a lot of the dross from joining us! You will also need to have a working microphone and be prepared to download and install Teamspeak 3.

Thankyou for reading, and see you ingame!


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