Guide Consumables from ZG for casters/healers


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9th Aug 2019
Hey and hoy Guys. As you know ZG Changes things in regards to consumables. More classes get access to relevant ones and in that regards we should be prepared.

Since I'm an alchemist/herbalist and a healer, I'll mention the relevant ones in that context, so there will be more things available, but I'll probably be able to cover most items.

Weapon Oil
Firstly, the new weapon oils that are enchanter created consumables.
It needs x3 and Large Brilliant shard x2

And we have:
It needs x3 and Large Brilliant Shard x2

So if you can, gather all these flowers as you see them and keep an eye for them on the AH, the prices will just keep on rising. Last check I did on purple Lotus was ~30s or so, so getting quite high now.

Alchemy Recipes
Always money in the herbs and pots, and even more so as ZG comes with their rather strong potions and elixirs. is a rather brilliant one that you'll use plenty of, might as well get used to keeping a couple of stacks of them around. It requires Dreamfoil and Plaguebloom x2
12/mp5 for an hour will do fine A rather neat potion if you have small windows in the fight in which you can have a little nap. Remember them being a general favorite for a time on certain fights. This one needs Dreamfoil x2 and Golden Sansam is also an option if you feel like going all out. Probably not a needed consumable, but neat. Requires Groomsblood and Plaugebloom x2 is also another potion that will become popular in PvP. Essentially makes you immune to the most common forms of CC for the duration. And you don't need to use it beforehand, that's the neat one. It'll become expensive I suspect, so if you want PvP, you'll want to get these suckers prepared. Icecap x2, Mountain Silversage x2 and Heart of the wild x2. It's not cheap per today, nor do I expect it ever become so. But, maybe you can get some decent deals on the mats in the next weeks.

ZG changes the lack of caster consumables, both for dps and healers, so now we actually have good, viable consumables worth using outside of mana pots. Key mats for healers would be Purple Lotus , Dreamfoil and plaguebloom.
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