Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Stealthers

The Stealthers are a stretch goal class concept for Camelot Unchained hopefully to be included at launch (but no promises). Stealthers use the Veil to their advantage by becoming invisible and regenerating resources. They are great for sneaking behind enemy lines, and best matched against ranged classes such as mages and archers.

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  • Playstyle: The Veilstalker seems to be the closest in style to a typical stealth class. They use Arcane Charges to control their damage, which regenerates while in the Veil and starts to drain once you leave.
  • Optimally starts off in the veil to build up ability resources and then leaves the Veil to attack
  • Focused on disruption (interrupts, not stuns) which works against all types of abilities (physical, magic, etc)
  • Disruption only interferes with the currently queued ability - it doesn't stun the enemy for any duration, so they may immediately recast / requeue their ability
  • Strongest against magical and ranged classes
  • Best when focusing on one opponent at a time
  • Playstyle: The Shadow Walker primarily focuses on applying debuffs (using shadow manipulations) to enemy players which also affect damage from all allies
  • Uses concealment to improve stealth (this is not related to entering the Veil). Concealment is how well you can be seen or heard by other players (eg, heavy armour makes more noise)
  • Gains a buff while playing at night (through stat bonuses), although this is not so significant that you are not powerful during the day
  • Physical damage is less than other classes, and most vulnerable to radiant and fire damage
  • More group oriented than the other Stealthers due to these debuffs
  • Playstyle: All about that blood! The Edward of the stealth class (Dia wrote this. I'd have gone with Angelus...), the Red Cap focuses on draining blood from players and wearing their souls as death hoods.
  • Highly blood based character - the Red Cap is blood deficient, going into the Veil to steal blood from other players
  • Not very good against enemies that don't have blood (for example, spirit pets, Odin stones, attackable targets that are NPC or objects placed down by players)
  • Not heavily focused on direct damage (wounds), focuses instead on draining blood. This is a different way to go about killing people
  • Great at killing mages
  • The Red Cap loses blood when not in the Veil to a base cap; will still be viable at base, but obviously not as advantageous
  • Weakest against blood draining attacks / debuffs and bleeding. The main counter is to try and outpace blood loss through attacking abilities
  • Whilst more focused on a solo play style compared to other classes, Stealthers are also designed as a viable group class.
  • Entering the Veil shifts your character part way into an alternate dimension and negates Vision completely to characters outside of it
  • Disruptions won't stop enemies from moving, recasting, etc. You won't be locked out of your character
  • Good at 1v1 but not particularly against other melee classes
  • Great for sneaking into the enemy back line and taking out a healer / ranged DPS
  • Typically best against ranged magic classes
  • Uses the Veil to regenerate their ability resources
  • Detection stat is tied to hearing, so if you are moving around in heavy armour it may break stealth
  • Stealthers can wear heavy armour during sieges where stealth / noise isn't so important, however, wearing metal in the Veil will carry penalties
  • Not very "tanky"
  • Can play solo if you are an anti-social bitch, but can also add to groups
  • Multiple ways to go into the veil - not just one ability
  • Not a vanish - high cost to enter the veil. Not always an instant escape.
  • You can go into the veil in combat, with a cost. Not a quick process
  • Dark dyes and camouflage may help with concealment
  • Day / Night cycle: will be adjusted. May not be a linear system.
  • Characters in the veil can see each other
  • Crafters can create anti-stealth objects
  • Other classes will have ways of taking Stealthers out of the Veil (Wisps for example)
  • Abilities outside the Veil do not affect those inside the veil unless they are explicitly intended to do so – regular AoE won't break stealth
  • Disruption capabilities of these classes are optimized toward fast attacking weapons
  • Stealthers won't have as many extra gap-closing abilities as non-stealth melee classes
Interesting how stealth is an alternate dimension, making you vulnerable to other stealthers, and you could have a stealther spot for your group, warning of opposing faction stealthers.
They all sound pretty interesting, particularly the Red Cap. I wonder how draining blood will work in practice and how effectively it can pressure enemy healers, compared to the more traditional interrupt-style of the Veil Stalker.
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