Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Spirit Mages

The Spirit Mage is a pet class concept for Camelot Unchained. Controlling the pet and its abilities is the main focus of this class. Here is all the information we have been able to gather so far, based on the Class Reveal Livestreams and public updates on the official website.

To watch this and other Camelot Unchained Class Reveal videos, check out our YouTube playlist here.

  • Playstyle: the closest to a classic "necromancer" and a traditional per class, the Dread Caller uses the souls of dead criminals, reviving them as spirits. Summons only one spirit at a time (except during Death Curse)
  • Pet is focal point of class - pet has all the abilities that the Dread Caller uses
  • More of a melee class with melee based pets.
  • The pet will stay by your side and allow you to control of it manually, meaning you can give it remote commands or play as your pet. When you play as your pet, this will work similarly to the scout class: your main character will not move and you will be able to use your own abilities with your pet.
  • What you summon are the souls of dead people who were previous combat classes, getting their functionality. If you summon a mage soul pet, for example, you will have abilities similar to a mage. This makes pet selection important with regards to your group composition, your opponents, the role you want to play, etc.
  • Can call forward a melee Great Sword fighter, a shadow damage dealer, a protective pet with high health (and short range)
  • Good class to fill in the holes in your group and adapt to requirements
  • Pets are disrupted when the Dread Caller takes damage. When the Dread Caller is disrupted, the pet suffers damage.
  • When the pet deals damage, the Dread Caller is healed. When the pet deals disruption, it restores the Dread Callers blood
  • You can still control your pet for a while after you die
  • Killing the pet should be an effective way to deal with the Dread Caller. Playing as a Dread Caller you will want to be careful with your pet. Pets have different preparation times, with generally better ones taking longer. If you're in immediate trouble you can summon a weak pet quickly and summon a stronger pet to replace it later.
  • Playstyle: Best at mid-range, but can perform well in melee. Summons multiple wolves - when a wolf is summoned, it will have a specific task. Previously summoned wolves within range will also join in with that task until that command is overridden with a new order or summon
  • Focuses on wolves as main pet. Wolves are the strongest pet across all realms
  • Once summoned, wolves begin to lose health. When low, they will start to feed on nearby corpses to restore health
  • Spirit wolves gain power when they come into contact with a natural (NPC) wolf
  • Wolves are based on elements (fire wolf!). Each type of wolf represents a different element
  • Wolves of different types have different sets of abilities / skills
  • If pets get too far away from the caster, they don't die; they just can't be controlled by the original caster. However, other Slaughterwolfs can take control of these pets if they are in range.
  • Pets that are not under control will still have the motivation to attack the enemy faction
  • Pets are not persistent - they will eventually die!
  • Control of your pet is based on range. Once out of range, you lose control of your summon.
  • If the Slaughterwolf player dies, the wolf summons don't disappear, they just wander away
  • Interacts with Child of Loki wolf buffs
  • Playstyle: Having the longest range of all the Spirit Mages, the Morrigan uses spirit pets as projectiles and has the ability to change the pets they control into different type of pets.
  • More of a Mage than the other Spirit Mages, as the TDD Mage isn't a typical archetype
  • Throw cows, wolves and crows at people!
  • Crows: Fast moving, deals slashing damage
  • Bull: High health, slams the target dealing high crushing / disruption damage.
  • Spirits can be summoned next to the caster and travel towards their target, affecting any other targets they pass through along the way, or can be summoned to appear next to their target directly through a portal
  • Balanced to use all different types of pets equally
  • Pets have durations and range
  • The Morrigan pets can get multiple attacks on a target. They usually only care about the one target they are directed to, unlike the pets of the other classes in this trio
  • Wounds received increase preparation and recovery time of spirit abilities
  • Blood and stamina regeneration are greatly reduced during the day and greatly increased at night
  • Killing targets (or contributing to kills) reduces blood and stamina ability costs
  • When a crow deals damage to an enemy, the other crows will gain a buff that will give them increased movement and health stealing. Health stolen goes to the caster
  • Spirit Mages will not be in the game at launch – boooo!
  • Pets are bound to end up humping my leg, like in every other game. So kill the little f*ckers for me!
  • These classes are all about their pets, so they don't get a lot of abilities that do things that don't have to do with them. Pets last beyond the death of their owner, but all have limits to how long they will last after that happens
  • Pets / spirits will interact with the A.I.R. system. COW FIREBALLS BBQ!!
  • Spirit Mages will be better at solo play than the pure Mage class as they are more flexible and less reliant on healers / support
  • Closer range than a pure Mage
  • Spirits / pets can be targeted and healed / buffed by support classes, and they won't attack friendlies
  • Some pets will have collision detection
  • Flying pets are typically faster and closer to standard dart or bolt type spells. 'Walking' pets are typically closer to player speeds, though somewhat faster in most cases as they are spirits and don't physically "walk".
  • Not all pets will have to stick close to the ground, but most will so that they can be attacked and interact with other things that also mostly stay close to the ground.
  • Spirit Mages fill different gaps in each realms classes
Reactions: Dia
Seems like a fun class, for once the TDD seem to be less gimmicky that the Arthurians.

Frankly I've no idea what direction the Arthurian class is going in, a melee class with the ability to summon melee/ranged dps pets and control them manually? How much stronger would this be than actually playing the class that they're controlling?

The vikings seem pretty strong here, mid ranged semi controlled pets which self heal and continually attack if the caster dies? That could prove to be a nightmare for enemy caster/healers.

TDD - Variable summons, but more of a traditional summoner/necro class.

All in I'd probably look at this if we go down the TDD or Viking route but that Arthur class doesn't really make much sense to me.

So far here's where I'm at.

Arthurian - Archer > Support
Vikings - Spirit Mage > Archer
TDD - Spirit Mage or bust.
Frankly I've no idea what direction the Arthurian class is going in, a melee class with the ability to summon melee/ranged dps pets and control them manually? How much stronger would this be than actually playing the class that they're controlling?
With regards to range, I think the Arthurian Spirit Mage being more of a melee class is to make up for the fact that the Vikings have more melee options, and this is to balance it out. Similarly they Viking Spirit Mage isn't yet another melee fighter, but gives the faction more options at mid range.

As for how an Arthurian Spirit Mage would stack up against a Viking melee DPS class, I think that will probably end up in the realms of rock, paper, scissors. They aren't meant to be equals, and in some situations one will have a clear advantage over the other - it's just too early to know which. All we can say is that these classes are all about their pets, so it wont be like in other games where the pet might account for 40% of your classes DPS output - they will likely be nearer 100%. So they should stack up well against, say, a Heavy Fighter.
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