Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Shapeshifters

Shapeshifters are a post launch DPS class concept for Camelot Unchained capable of transforming their shape to gain a range of different abilities and benefits. They are primarily a melee class, with some flexibility allowing them a more specialised role. They will require a higher skill cap to play compared to other classes.

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  • Playstyle: With a more defensive style, the Enchanted Knight picks a form before battle and generally sticks with it.
  • Transformations based upon Gryphon, Basilisk and Demon forms (although more could be introduced)
  • Power works on an escalation mechanic (capped) which gets lost when you switch form. Therefore you will want to pick a form and stick with it where possible.
  • Won't want to switch forms too much during a fight
  • Griffin form – performs slashing and piercing melee damage
  • Demon form – performs high magic damage and using buffs to add chaos damage to attacks
  • Basilisk form - performs control utility (debuffs)
  • Weapons / equipment get wrapped into the capabilities of the form you are using. Will still need crafters / gear to maximise stats
  • Arthurian generally want to win by wearing down their opponents through attrition (more defensive than Viking)
  • Playstyle: more of an "in your face, bitch!" class. Melee based, it constantly needs to shift from one form to another to maintain optimal power. His forms are Wolf, Horse and Snake.
  • Very much a beast - horrendous monsters! (oo-er!)
  • Wolf form: steals health from enemies and applies buffs to the group
  • Horse form: increases movement speed and charging attacks
  • Snake form: applies poison damage
  • Receives a penalty the longer it stays in one form without shifting
  • This is a very self-sufficient and focused class
  • All melee-based abilities, with abilities to help get in and out of range and stay alive
  • Very heavily damage focused
  • Vikings wants to get stuck in and fight for ever (more attacking than Arthurian)
  • Playstyle: The Black Rider does not shapeshift into different forms. Instead, its power ramps up, becoming more and more "Undead", doing more damage and having better survival.
  • Mark Jacobs's wet dream. Had to turn the stream down while he gushed so our neighbours didn't think we were watching porn!
  • The Black Rider throws his head as an attack!
  • Uses a spinal whip! Kinky!
  • First stage of Undead: replaces their weapon with a spinal cord spear
  • Second stage of Undead: severs their own head and uses it as a projectile
  • Third stage of Undead: increases in size, grows a layer of bone armour and increases damage dealt
  • The longer it stays in combat, the more power and transformation it gains
  • Will burn out if it stays in combat too long, and need to recover - this fits in with TDD playstyle to get in a fight, stay a short while, and then run away like sissy girls being chased by spiders
  • Has to revert to its normal form to recover / heal
  • Gets benefits from having dead bodies around him. Can use death around him as a defence
  • The Tuatha De Danann like death - some classes receive benefits from dead bodies; they like to engage and then quickly get out. More of a skirmish playstyle than Arthurians or Vikings.
  • This is a proposed class and will not be in the game at launch
  • Shapeshifers will be complex to play, so probably best not to be your first character anyway!
  • Lots of flexibility. Aimed at the higher skill cap players
  • Did we mention the intricate mechanics? This class will be very hard to play. Not a class for Axel!
  • The shapeshifting forms above are just some examples - there will be more available.
  • Shapeshifters are primarily a Melee damage class but might have limited range abilities
  • Their transformed state replaces their weapon, but they gain stats from the weapon equipped. The type of attack they deal will depend on their form and not the weapon they carry
  • Shapeshifters can choose a specialised role from a range of options, unlike the more traditional classes who are more specific in their remit
  • Not a AoE centric class
  • Generally wants to try and steal killing blows to gain buffs
Reactions: Dia
Let't not beat around the bush, our only option now are the TDD.
Dia plays shapeshifter and whips Redh even in-game.
Let't not beat around the bush, our only option now are the TDD.
Dia plays shapeshifter and whips Redh even in-game.

No but really...I love this concept. To me, it seems like the Viking and TDD will be harder to play then the Arthurian. If this class was in at launch, I would probably choose it as main and I think I would prefer the Viking concept...
When you know Axel isn't reading the Class Breakdowns properly... :cool:
I only skimmed through the first time, waiting for later to read through it.

After reading a bit more, I really like the idea of them having lots of ranged AOE.
Wow, they sound like a ball ache to play, especially the viking one. Not the classes for me as I like to browse on my laptop while playing.
Question to think about: Would the different forms in the Black Rider as an enemy require you to switch tactics depending on what form they're in?
This video reinforces why the TDD are my favourite Realm.

The Child of Loki sounds like more of a true hybrid than the Black Rider but I guess it depends on the breadth of abilities available to each Viking form compared to each level of the TDD option. I wonder how weak the the Rider is before it ramps up, compared to how strong it is once it does and how quickly it burns out of that.
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