Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Mages

The Mage is one of the main damage dealing class concepts for Camelot Unchained. It focuses on extremely high damage output with some utility. Here is all the information we have been able to gather so far, based on the Class Reveal Livestreams and public updates on the official website.

To watch this and other Camelot Unchained Class Reveal videos, check out our YouTube playlist here.

  • Playstyle: Fire, fire, fire. Lots of fire. Damage, damage, damage. Pew, Pew, Monkeyballs.
  • Set people on fire. Set objects on fire. Set buildings on fire. Set fire on fire. BUUUUUUURN!
  • Fire abilities cause the Flame Warden to lose a percentage of their health, so they will need support from healers to output consistent damage.
  • Abilities power starts low and has a longer ramp up time than other mages, but becomes the most powerful
  • Totally offensive play style - very much focused on just trying to kill things. Not the best at defending itself, not a lot of ways to escape, needs help to stay alive.
  • Most effective at a longer range
  • Aside from using fire to do damage (DoTs, projectiles, walls, etc.), they will also be able to use smoke (vision reducing, choking) and other fire based effects (heat) that are not always just pure damage.
  • Fire works well against metal (heavy) armour
  • Bane penalty for wearing Heavy Armour (takes increased damage feedback from using fire abilities)
  • Useful in sieges for setting buildings on fire, surrounding the group with walls of fire to protect, etc.
  • Playstyle: Water-based mage. More about utility, preservation in defence, assisting with control abilities.
  • More optimal at close range, front line. Less effective at longer range.
  • Performs best fighting near or even in water terrain. Standing in water reduces the health cost of casting water based abilities
  • Synergises with Mjolnir (lightning + water = epic funsies). For example: Wave Weaver rain spells make Mjolnir lightning spells more effective
  • Ability power ramps up faster in battle, but then levels off. Has more burst damage at the beginning of a fight than other mages
  • Not as much direct damage as the Flame Warden
  • Has the best defences between all mages
  • Abilities can knock-back, slow, or increase enemy ability times
  • When taking fire damage, cast time of own abilities is slowed
  • Playstyle: Not a direct all out damage mage. Has powerful abilities using a lot of area of effect.
  • Draws power from the moon and stars, uses Void Magic (takes less magic damage when the moon is present, is healed when two moons are present)
  • Can sacrifice an ally or themselves for the benefit of the realm (ability clearly not allowed against guild leaders who have a kick button!)
  • Abilities are slower and larger in their effects. This makes them powerful, but easy to avoid
  • More vulnerable to disruptions than other mages
  • Allies will need to assist in setting up an enemy group for the Druid in order to get the best damage output. They will have some setup for their own abilities, but they are much better off relying on other classes to create situations for them to exploit. For example, slowing an enemy group so they cannot simply move out of the way of slow-moving incoming AoE.
  • Druid can be the core DPS of a group if set up is based around this
  • Casting void damage abilities cause the Druid to take increased damage from enemy magic sources
  • The more vulnerable to increased incoming magic damage sources, the less health cost to casting own spells
  • Not in game at beginning of Beta 1
  • Mages are specifically focused on damage
  • Low mobility class (one of the least mobile of all the classes)
  • Best played fighting in a fixed location, moving battles is not so effective and positioning is very important
  • With great power comes great immobility – can’t move while casting
  • Giant fireball spells not meant for 1 vs 1 or against group, meant for sieges or fixed structures
  • More vulnerable in a 1vs1 than other classes
  • Can choose to wear heavy armour with usual encumbrance drawbacks
  • Projectiles can be avoided, so best to slow / reduce mobility of targets
  • Have a ramping mechanic. They don't start at maximum power. Will ramp up until damage is unmanageable and outpace healing if they are left to their own devices. This mechanic is meant to stop big zerg fights becoming endless
  • Mages can use whatever weapon they want to hit people with, however they would benefit the most from something that functions as a focus item that can add extra effects or bonuses to their spells. Some of these can double as weapons.
Reading this, it seems like the Fire Mage would be the one that is more my style and I am leaning towards it. However, I also like the idea of the Druid, as it seems to be different than the other two in playstyle with its Moon power.

I was hoping for some sort of CC class, and that the mages were going to be it and I am a little frustrated that they are so vanilla. But then again, maybe I am only thinking from a small scale battle point of view and I have to keep in mind that this game will be different. The only game I played with large scale battles was Rift, but there it didn't really matter who you were attacking and there were no goals/keeps to win.

In large scale battles, it will probably be very difficult cc'ing anyone, as people will break it. So the question is: do I choose a mage and go all out DPS or do I choose healing/support class this time? Choices, choices...
Frilly dress wearing squishies.
This has been another in-depth analysis by Iselore, our token Scotsman! If it weren't for the Murrays heriocs right now, you'd be long gone :D

I know these classes may seem bland compared to the other reveals, which have been more original in their mechanics, but these mages seem nice to me. Huge DPS, but still relies on a group to perform at their best. My preference would be the Flame Warden, just because it's so focused on setting the world alight... It certainly has its weaknesses, and range will be an issue, but it seems like a fun class to play.

I also think the Wave Weaver looks nice, but has a pretty lame name - it doesn't exactly instil fear. It could be more interesting to play than the Flame Warden, which is a little one dimensional.

The Druid - with the right group this should be effective, but doesn't that reliance make the group play style somewhat predictable? I like the idea of sacrificing allys, especially with the death penalty travel times - but only because drama is fun, and it'll be a novel way to guildkick people :D
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