Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Heavy Fighters

The Heavy Fighter is a melee class concept for Camelot Unchained. It specialises in soaking up damage and disrupting the enemy faction. Here is all the information we have been able to gather so far, based on the Class Reveal Livestreams and public updates on the official website.

To watch this and other Camelot Unchained Class Reveal videos, check out our YouTube playlist here.

  • High weapon diversity
  • Passive damage mitigation
  • Passive regeneration
  • Physical (slashing) damage
  • Most traditional and straightforward of the Heavy Fighters
  • Takes less damage from frontal attacks
  • Front line tank which uses big shield to reduce front cone group damage
  • Least magic skills out of the Heavy Fighters
  • Lots of disrupting abilities
  • The Black Knight is more exclusively physical based but also less damage focused and more heavily armoured
  • Best Heavy Fighter at closing distances due to passive mitigation
  • Medium weapon diversity
  • Active (skills based) damage mitigation
  • Active (skills based) health regeneration
  • Physical (piercing) and flesh damage
  • Must use abilities to stay defensive, requires more tactical play to close gaps and position
  • Lots of heavy disruption abilities
  • Low weapon diversity (mainly Hammer)
  • Active damage mitigation
  • Active (skills based) regeneration
  • Physical (crushing) and magical (lightning) damage
  • Most effective Heavy Fighter against heavy armour (due to crushing damage)
  • Best Heavy Fighter (medium) range attacks (Hammer throw)
  • Lots of heavy disruption abilities
  • Most offensive Heavy Fighter
  • The Hammer can be used to attract magical projectiles (soft taunt)

Crushing Damage (Moderate):
With high disruption, it doesn't have to penetrate the armour to do full damage.
Example: Mace

Slashing Damage (High):
Low penetration and low disruption.
Example: Sword

Piercing Damage (High damage if it penetrates; Bleeding):
Used for penetrating armour and making the enemy bleed. Low damage if it doesn't penetrate.
Example: Polearm

  • The Heavy Fighter is the only melee class confirmed for Beta 1
  • Heavy Fighters can be either an all-out defensive tank or have light gear and stack Agility for a more damage focused offensive class suitable for soloing.
  • Skilled in disrupting enemies.
  • This is a front line, defensive class that can deal good damage at the same time.
  • They will have a meaningful contribution other than soaking damage, for example, protecting crafters in a siege, climbing walls/ladders, siege weaponry, etc.
  • While they are not the main CC class, they will have some CC capabilities. There are meant to be multiple ways to divert enemies from attacking your allies. One common way in which this happens is to inflict leg wounds which reduce movement speed.
  • A dual shield concept is possible, although not planned for launch. May be a separate class.
  • They can act as a bodyguard by reducing damage to players behind them or diverting damage and splitting it amongst allies.
  • With the game engine's projectile trajectory system, both physical and magical ranged attacks do not stay locked on their target - these attacks can be dodged. They also do not pass through players, meaning Heavy Fighters can step in front of attacks to prevent them hitting another player.
  • Equipment increases encumbrance which increases ability preparation and recovery times and reduces movement speed. Due to the PhysX system, bigger races will be heavier, move slower and will be harder to punt; meaning that bigger tanks will be better for defensive play styles. At the same time, smaller tanks will be more viable at tasks that require speed and agility. The lighter armoured you are, the faster you can move and use abilities.
  • Movement and positioning are important – there will be enemy gap closers (sprints, slows) but no instant charges/teleports.
  • There will be no hard taunts in game, such as we find in PvE games that forces target switching, but soft taunts that incentivise the enemy to switch targets to the Heavy Fighter (for example, damage debuffs for hitting a different target).
  • Weak against ranged attacks, and no special protection against magical attacks.
  • Blocking will require the use of an ability, it is an active skill.
  • Deflection is a passive skill based on armour, shield usage and stats.
  • There will have no taunt ability to control aggro in The Depths and against NPC's, which will have to be dealt with in the same manner as dealing with players.
  • Characters may equip a weapon in their right hand, left hand, or in both hands. Characters may carry more weapons than they have equipped. It takes time to put one weapon away and get another weapon out.
  • Heavy Fighters will have stances, but there will be energy costs for switching to prevent stance-dancing / twisting.
  • All Out of Breath: Your next attack within 30 seconds after using a movement speed enhancing ability has its armour penetration reduced by 2
  • Defense, What's That?: The power of your defensive abilities is reduced by 1
  • Not-So-Rapid Reactions: The recovery time of your reactive abilities is increased by 1
  • Scorn for Sorcerers: Detrimental magic effects placed on you have their duration increased by 1
  • Take My Time: The benefits of movement-enhancing effects on you are reduced by 1
  • Using Everything I Have: Your abilities which cost Stamina also cost 5 blood
  • When it's Bad, it's Bad: Hostile abilities targeting you have their critical result rolls increased by 1
  • All I Care About is Killing: You gain proficiency 10% slower with all skills and abilities not related to weapons
  • Reluctant Warrior: Transitioning from travel mode to combat mode takes an additional 1 second
  • I'll Just Dodge: Your overall health is reduced by 5
  • I'm No Spotter: Your vision is reduced by 3
  • Thought I Was Tougher: Sustaining a wound increases your panic rating by 5
  • A Bit Insecure: Your existing recovery times are increased by 1 when you take damage
  • Battering Ram: Your weapon attacks against an enemy increase your armor penetration by 1 against that target for 30 seconds
  • Like My Own Skin: Your encumbrance is reduced by 1
  • Relentless Ruin: Your weapon attacks reduce your activation and recovery times by .5 for 10 seconds (does not stack)
  • Wound Finder: In addition to their other effects, targeting components reduce the wound threshold against your abilities by 5
  • I Fight Both Ways: Your armour penetration value is increased by 1 when wielding two weapons
  • Always Attacking: Your critical results with weapon attacks are increased by 1
  • Built Like a Wall: The wound threshold for your vital body parts is increased by 2
  • Devious Damage: Your weapon attacks from behind your target have their damage increased by 5
  • Wriggle it in the Wound: Your bleeding effects have their duration increased by 5
  • Armour Adept: Your encumbrance from wearing medium armour is reduced by 1
  • Battledancer: Your defense penalty for moving in combat is reduced by 25%
  • Bloodthirsty Delight: Abilities which kill an enemy restore 5 blood
  • Charge!: Your movement speed increasing abilities have their duration increased by 1
  • Dogged Determination: Your movement speed penalty due to terrain is reduced by 1
  • Energetic Authority: Your resonance-based abilities have their range increased by 1
  • Greatweapon Wielder: You deal 5 additional damage with two-handed weapons and earn proficiency 20% slower with all other weapons
  • Murderous Manoeuvres: Changing stances increases your critical result rolls by 5 for 30 seconds
  • Piledriver: Your weapon attacks additionally inflict 1 disruption damage
  • Protection Proficient: Your encumbrance from wearing heavy armour is reduced by 1
  • Ready For Anything: Reactionary abilities have their activation time reduced by .5
  • Shake it Off: [Ability] The detrimental effects of all existing wounds you have sustained is reduced by 50%
Reactions: Dia
Well based on this class Redh is gonna get his way.

Let's just break it down for a sec:
Arthurian run in and take a beating
TuathA jump and hop around avoiding damage and closing gaps
Viking run in and smack people

Now I'm not looking for a tank that keeps running about protecting his own healthbar and getting close to people. So the Tuatha to me are a no, no.
Leaves the Viking and Arthurian, now the heavy fighter clearly is the tank of your raid taking the beating for the people in the back. Now sure the Viking serves some of this purpose but can smack heavy armor. Nice but again I don't need this from my tank. What I need him to do is run in the front soak up the damage and make sure their damagers are distracted or disrupted.

In my opinion Arthurians fill this role the best and are the logical pick up on this role.

Will still need to see this in-game and what this looks like in practice.
Reactions: Dia
I'm still not sure what my "way" is though - I keep switching factions! I think this is a good thing though, especially as they've not announced the healer class yet. Hopefully that will be tonights reveal!

There seemed to be less information on the TDD Heavy Fighter compared to the other two. The Arthurian stands out as the only tank with passive mitigation, the Viking stands out as the only tank with some range and magic abilities, but they didn't really explain what the TDD will stand out for. I'm sure it will have something though.

I think each of these classes will fill the role when it comes to group combat, but when it comes to solo play (so not our focus) the Arthurian would seem to be the weakest based on these very brief descriptions. Of course it may all play out completely differently in game.

I'm looking forward to doing the rest of the classes like this - it certainly helped me learn more about the classes. This type of information should have been put up on the official website :rolleyes:
The class release video gives me a lot of confidence that CSG knows how to design a tank in a PVP game. :)

Depending on how the game plays in practice, survivability doesn't seem particularly important unless the enemy has a compelling reason to attack the tank instead of targeting the squishies. CSG has stated that this isn't a 'main' CC class, that they dislike 'hard' control and that there won't even be a traditional 'Taunt' ability. I suppose that the value of a Heavy Fighter relies on a combination of its capacity to deal damage, mitigate damage against allies (body-blocking projectiles was mentioned) and through the CC that it does have.

As you say, the Arthurian is described as having a lot of innate survivability, the Viking seems to be more of a hybrid damage-dealer and with more ranged abilities (but having to deal damage to maintain survivability does not sound advantageous, especially in the context of a siege ;)) whilst the TDD option is...not described very well.

The information they've released might give us an idea of which archetypes we find appealing but I don't have enough information to decide which version of the Heavy Fighter I would enjoy playing the most, or consider the most useful. We don't really know what each one can actually do.
I can't wait until we have our meeting to discuss faction choices. The 'Karesk Breakdowns' are going to be epic :)
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