Guide BWL Basic Addons


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26th Aug 2019
Hello all
As we move into BWL i need to know the raid is all on the same addons to make life as easy as possible for me and yourself so here as some MUST needed addons.

DBM is a must for all raider so you are all able to see and understand what the boss is doing/does.

Details will be our one and only threat meter going forward from this point on as all the Tanks are using it. I want everyone to have this been a dps or a healer so we can see exactly were YOU are on the threat table.
WE will be using the plugin on the Addon for the threat meter. Pleas ask some one if you cant work it most dps/tanks can help.

As i looked back over the loggs for the past few months on MC i noticed some people not dispelling/decreasing as much as thay should. I dont know if this is from lack of any kind of addon, lack of understanding how importing this job is or shire laziness but i dont wonna see it anymore. (everything is logged there nowhere to hide)
So if your a healer or mage i wonna see you download this to HELP, i understand people have other addons or U.I,s and if this is true grate this is not for you.

Make sure when you download theses addons you take the classic version
IF you have all theses addons GZ pat yourself on the back, i know 99% of you dont need this
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30th Aug 2019
Decursive, literal training wheels lol. Anyone who uses that really has no excuse.