WoW Blackwing Lair Cleared!

Cyrus have cleared the new 40-man raid instance Blackwing Lair! And despite a few unscripted challenges on Sunday night (hello crippling server lag and over 9000 horde camping the entrance), we are very happy that we pushed through a difficult start in a very positive way to overcome some initial teething problems and end up one-shotting the final boss, Nefarian.


All together now: WE ARE CYRUS!! What a team. What an absolute team!

Blackwing Lair is definitely a small step up in terms of difficulty from Molten Core on a couple of bosses, but we went in with every member fully prepared and eager for something new. Our Raid Leaders did an excellent job as usual, with @Inev especially making the Suppression Room one of my favourite moments in Classic so far! He was clearly on the edge of his seat pumping out instructions in a slightly panicked and adrenaline-fuelled state, while the rest of the raid were wondering what the problem was as everything was under control and dying so quickly! We'll chalk that one up to PTSD from raids 15 years ago, eh?!

We started off strong on Wednesday evening killing Razorgore, Vaelastrasz and Broodlord Lashlayer at the first attempt. However we hit a little bit of a roadblock on Firemaw, which caused us several wipes. This was due to an incredibly complex, never-seen-before mechanic that nobody could have predicted and needed a lot of figuring out. Tank Swapping...

However once our wonderful Tanks went away and googled "To me, to you" by The Chuckle Brothers, we came back on Sunday night and, after a planned test run bringing Firemaw down to 2% health, we decided to wipe it for a "proper" kill attempt. Totally how it happened!


To me! To you! To me! To you! The Chuckle Brothers had this down in the 90s, who knew it was so hard! RESPECT!!

Sunday night had gotten off to a pretty frustrating start - the world servers kept crashing / lagging out for extended periods of time, and when we made it to the raid instance there was a ~2 minute delay on any actions input. To make matters worse, there were literally hundreds of Horde camping the portal, so we were unable to enter. Not because we couldn't kill them (WE ARE CYRUS!), but because it took 2 minutes for a skill to trigger!

We were forced to bypass this entrance and split our raid into 4 groups to clear UBRS and enter Blackwing Lair through the alternative 'Apes' entrance. So with all the problems we ended up starting our raid over an hour and a half late. Thankfully, everyone stayed very positive, and we didn't let it ruin our evening. This positivity was awesome, and made me very appreciative of the community we have managed to foster at Cyrus. Thank you everyone!



After killing Firemaw, the pace picked up again. We killed Ebonroc and Flamegor pretty quickly, and then tackled Chromaggus. We had a few wipes on this boss, and as we were already beyond our allotted raid finishing time it was decided that we would try one last time before calling it for the evening. And it was on this next attempt that we got our kill! That meant just the final boss, Nefarian, remained, and of course we couldn't call it there - everyone unanimously agreed to "just have a quick look at the final boss once", and then we'd come back tomorrow night to kill it.

Well, a "quick look at the final boss" turned into a full blown, detailed explanation of everything that could possibly happen during the boss fight by our very thorough raid leader Inev. No stone was left unturned, and no possible outcome left unexplained! So by the time we finally started the fight some 20 minutes later, everyone was in the zone, ready for action and we went through each stage of the fight with ease. We one-shot Nefarian!

I am very grateful to everyone in the guild for the huge effort they have put into getting ready for Blackwing Lair - it has been awesome to see everyone focused on getting their attunement and consumables, and it has been very rewarding to actually have a little bit of a struggle on one boss at least and see the patience and good nature with which it was handled. Of course, relatively, this is still a very easy raid in terms of what is to come and what we have experienced previously in MMOs, but I am very happy that we have met the challenges in preparation and wiping, and still cleared the raid in the first week.

Cyrus is here for the long haul - we have a brilliant community with a shared goal and dedicated leadership. We recruit only the raid members we need to allow for minimum rotations, and we run just the one raid group because we don't want to be a massive blob of a guild who doesn't know or speak to half the members on the roster! The amount of effort that has gone into this from our Raid Leaders, the Class Leaders, the Loot Council, and all our members for doing everything that was asked, great job one and all - I am very proud to be playing with you all!


The Dream Team. And Rcarmine.


Well done everyone! And of course a big thank you to Inev and Nouska for raid leading this and putting so much work in to get us all ready for it.

And let's not forget to give a big thank you to our mighty dps-healers; without them we would still be stuck at Broodlord Lashlayer! :D
Fantastic read and achievements team! So glad to have smashed it this week with you lot. Props to all of you for bringing your A game and helping us have some of the best evenings as of yet (certainly for me).

So it’s a fine thank you from your Barry chuckle!
Well done and great effort everyone! Well deserved kill. BWL is the first nefarious ''guild-check", it goes to show what an awesome team has been put together!