Aion Aion Headstart: The first 8 hours

With over 400,000 people having pre-ordered Aion, we knew that the Aion headstart was going to present a few challenges. However, Cyrus has already got off to a great start, and we can be very proud of our first few hours achievements.

Our first objective was to secure our legion name, Cyrus, which meant getting someone to rank 10 as quickly as possible. The challenge was set, and we had several strong contenders racing to Sanctum to win the honour of creating our legion and being the first official Cyrus member. Some set out in teams, while others worked alone. And in a little over 2 hours, Breva (Giga) was the first into Sanctum, just narrowly beating Leofort and Ihq. Cyrus was born!

We were not the first legion to be established - we noticed two others had been created just a few minutes before us. However we did manage to beat our alliance partners Crimson Imperium Reborn to the punch, which after some suffering at their hands in Warhammer did feel good! To flaunt our small victory, we invited their guild leader, Antain, to our guild to rub it in!!

By this stage we had over 40 members on ventrilo, but only 30 legion spaces! So the next challenge was to upgrade our legion to rank 2. We assumed this would be done at some stage the following evening, however it seems a lot of members were happy to stay up long into the early hours of the morning to keep levelling. At 01:00 am, this is what our Ventrilo server looked like:

So on we went, and as more and more members reached rank 10 (our first legion tax point), the kinah started to roll in. By 01:30 am, a quick count showed that we were only 30,000 kinah away from the Legion Rank 2 upgrade cost of 121,000 kinah! Encouraged by this, the grind continued and the kinah flowed, until we had reached our target. At 01:50 am, Cyrus was upgraded to rank2. We even had enough left over to change the emblem and cloak colours, so we could show off our achievement to the rest of the server! We did not see any other rank 2 legions for several hours after this, although it could be that they reached rank 2 but didn't change their cloaks.

We are very happy with our achievements for the first few hours of headstart, and have gone well beyond what we expected. We will now be working hard to achieve legion rank 3 as soon as possible, and continue to have a lot of fun both in game and on Ventrilo.

After 8 hours of solid play, I finally logged off, leaving around 15 members still slogging away at it. Same again tommorow, everyone?! :D


can always count on red to turn something ordinairy into a long newspost :D

as we speak there are still 5 lvl 12's and 2 lvl 13's on , although i deff will play tonight it will be short lasted ( till midnight or 1 am ) , got someone picking me up in like 1 hour 45 mins , so it will be straight from the aion all nighter into my day activities :D

( being in cyrus is hard work :salute: )
It took me 3 hours to log in and I only had an hours playtime, reached lvl7 before I logged. Couldnt find anyone to group with although I was able to listen into vent but unable to talk due to a broken mic. When I get in game tonite I will send a tell to one of the guild officers to get an invite. Well done all and I must say once I did get in It ran as smooth as butter, I didnt experience any lag and only rubber banded once.
Great job all.

Who should I send a tell for an invite by the way if Gemm and Redh are not online?
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must ...leave aion...*weeps*

Q_Q not in the vent shot, Ow well alas time to pretend to care about higher maths for afew hours Ciao a4.45 guys!
Yes it was a great launch for those of us who got in and an agonising wait for those who were stuck in queues!

My own personal snapshot of glory was being one of the very first on the server - I must have timed it right because when I appeared, newly reborn for the very first time, there were only two other characters visible - must be logon problems I thought - but within miliseconds Channel 1 became a seething mass of new players wooting and wailing. I bugged out to Channel 9 which became my home for the evening - special thanks to Akir for his help with some of the quests and to Breva for securing our glorious Guild name.

Now - time to get back in there!
Already ? I knew I shouldn't be working now. I need to reach level 10 tonight.
And to be taxed.


Ahem. Maybe I shouldn't reach lvl 10 so fast. :D
Congratulations :)
I managed to log in at 00.30 but I was too tired to log in ventrilo. Today will be easier, I hope ^^
I had a wonderful night last night or rather this morning :)

The game was busy but i had no lag and no problems!

Seeing the the guild up and running in its permenant form was a happy moment and so fast was amazing ! and to then achieve rank 2 wow

But for me the best thing is having the members all together old and new. I will miss some of the guy we lost along the way but we have a great group now and hopefully wont loose anymore!

Finnaly A big thank you to Redh for setting this all up and putting in so much effort it good to be back together in the same guild :)
I logged in 3 minutes after the servers where started and 1 minute later than I heard first "IM IN!" from vent. I set myself the goal of leaving poeta behind during first day and archieved it after 6 hours.

For those that didnt get in in first few hours: You lost few hours of waiting or grinding.

- There was 2-3 people standing and waiting for one grain sack to pop. Each grain sack had their own 2-3 people.
- I had to turn camera to view from up to down when I wanted to talk to quest givers.
- By the lake cliona there was more players then monsters. Every other moster kill was damage race. I saw monsters spawning and still half transparent and corpse of them in next frame.
- I had to kill 12 monsters in mines at somepoint. I managed to get two and just gave up and came back later.

By the sound of it our damage dealer classes teamed and kept moving in to harder areas ahead of the wave. As templar with low damage outburst I came 2 levels behind them and settled on killing what others didnt want. I whent back to finish the grain sack and wine barrel quests at level 6 and the area was free by then.
DO we have a procedure in place to gather people up in game? I.E who do we contact or is there anywhere we need to go to get an invite to the Legion? My mic is broken so I unfortunatly cant communicate via Vent. Cheers :)
DO we have a procedure in place to gather people up in game? I.E who do we contact or is there anywhere we need to go to get an invite to the Legion? My mic is broken so I unfortunatly cant communicate via Vent. Cheers :)
Add me or Gemm to your friends list - I do keep checking for you too, so we'll cross paths soon I'm sure :D
Add me or Gemm to your friends list - I do keep checking for you too, so we'll cross paths soon I'm sure :D

No probs mate thanks very much for getting back to me I know you have been busy, will add you and Gemm to friends when I get on tonite. As soon as I figure out how to add people to friends that is :D
aha sorry was meant to be a joke 90% of /1 is that question :p

Best question so far... How do I kill the fossil?
chevi if you come on vent we will soon get you sorted if you are not sure about doing a search :)

I would Gemm but my mics busted so its listen in only im afraid till I get a new one some time this week, that if I ever get in the game of course :(