A Little Ode to Our Glorious Leader

Salute, Cyrus loyal, salute!
Pay heed to thine Overlord's booming call!
Thy swords resplendent, looming tall,
Enforce the vision that none dare dispute:
The verdant forest and tranquil plain
Shall burn and wither yet again,
As fleeting harmony and unctuous peace
Give way to anguish: blood and war unceas'd.
Thus vile, obstreperous democracy will
Succumb to tyr'nny now instill'd
In those rebels, fools, those crush'd, bled,
Those who now grovel, bow'd to Order, bow'd to Redh.

O, Redh! O, glorious Tyrant,
Deity among despots, ruthless and wroth!
Wrath Thine ally, Thy foe is Sloth;
'Takes sloth such as mine to draw Thine ire and
Scorn: Thou wast swift to judge this lax
Poet! But, even idlers know 'detracts
From art when rush'd; I ought to go on strike,
But Thou would have mine head, so that's alright.
O, great One! Thine impatience inspires me!
What better kindness than cruelty?
None so artful as that which spurns
This ragg'd plebeian: this oppress'd wretch thus onward churns.

Ere I join'd life was quite dull,
Now unleash'd life's joyous rull:
Redh in mine (and I in His),
My life's prize this truly is!
Aye, this ode, this toil full
Of adm'ration express'd! Need I more?
What radiance shines from Thee, my Lord:
Incandescence of Dictator's
Purging flame for exiles spurn'd.
Kick them all! They curse their creators
For shaping them 'gainst Thee turn'd!
Thou suff'reth not fools and truants: Thy haught
Abounds plentiful; bless'd are we idlers!
For without Thy guidance we'd surely rot,
And Thy baleful force pushes us sidlers
Forward, ever forward! Crash thro' Thy foes,
Raging Bull of Terror! Roar! Cyrus ever grows!

Oh Remus Underscore, what have you done?
You've underscored just what a freak you've become.
I charged you with a most simple request,
And while I can see that you've tried your best,
You've made Cyrus look like a roleplay guild
Thus chances of finding new members are killed.

Replay it back in your simpleton brain:
"Hey bro, bump our post. I know it's a pain,
Just mention the upcoming Division 2 and Anthem
That's sure to attract the gaming fandom"
But look what you did, can you even digest?
An 'Ode to Redh', it's weird and obsessed.

I'm really not sure what to do with you now.
Oh, Underscore Boy, I cannot allow
Your odious poem to represent Cyrus.
We are feared Vikings, we spread death like a virus!
Yet you've made us look like six-year-old girls
With innocent blue eyes and bouncy blonde curls.

A most severe punishment is surely due,
Maybe it's time to bid you adieu?
No, too quick. Not enough suffering.
This demands sentence with no hope of recovering.
Aha! I have it, a most evil idea!
Remus - you shall forever be in a guild group... WITH DIA!!
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