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  1. The Alterac Valley Chase!

    The Alterac Valley Chase!

    The rep grind to exalted in Alterac Valley can be a little dry - sometimes you just have to have a little fun!
  2. Crafting Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!

    Crafting Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!

    On 9th December 2019, after a couple of weeks grinding and many members donating gold and materials to the cause, Cyrus managed to craft this legendary weapon.
  3. Redh

    WoW Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!

    Some things in life come easy. And some things in life come hard. But the best things in life come together, and that's exactly what Cyrus decided to do one evening in late November when the Eye of Sulfuras dropped from Ragnaros during our Molten Core raid. In case you don't already know, the...
  4. Redh

    WoW Classic Duelling Tournament

    Honour. Chivalry. Respect. These are just three of the words that will not be used during the Cyrus Duelling Tournament. The Old Code is long forgotten, and in this dank digital day and age all that matters is Ego, Glory and Bragging Rights. Prepare your anuses for some uncomfortable...
  5. Reaction: Finkle's Skinner Finally Drops!

    Reaction: Finkle's Skinner Finally Drops!

    Hundreds of UBRS runs, and no Finkle's Skinner knife drop from The Beast... And then... How's this for a reaction to a skinning knife?!!
  6. Ragnaros Kill

    Ragnaros Kill

    Ragnaros is dead!
  7. Onyxia Kill

    Onyxia Kill

    Onyxia is dead!
  8. Redh

    WoW Molten Core and Onyxia Cleared!

    Ragnaros - The Firelord, Former ruler of the Firelands, Lord of Fire, Lord of Flame, the Great Fire. And now we have one more title to add to the list: Extinguished. As a 40-man guild raid, Cyrus has one-shot every boss in Molten Core - Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Baron...
  9. Tanking 101: The Pull

    Tanking 101: The Pull

    Tanking in WoW Classic can be quite challenging, but with the right keybinds and macros the job can be made a lot easier. Here is one of our warriors showing 'the art of the pull' in Upper Blackrock Spire - I think a lot can be learned from this masterclass!
  10. Redh

    WoW Guild Update - One Month In!

    Ladies and Gentlemen- it is time for another 'State of the Guild' update! We have been posting similar threads to these in our private members forum every week since launch, and are making this one public to give any potential new members an idea of where we are within the game to help them...
  11. Redh

    WoW WoW Classic: Server First!!

    The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And even though our plan for WoW Classic did have some 200 IQ thinking behind it, it was still supposed to be a simple enough plan in execution. So, what worked, and went wrong? PHASE ONE - THE LAST MINUTE RECRUITMENT RUSH Recruitment had...
  12. WoW Classic Guild Creation

    WoW Classic Guild Creation

    A lot of bugs, layering keeping us all separated, huge rubber-banding and no NPCs! But that wasn't enough to stop a determined group of members secure the (probably) server first guild on Shazzrah!
  13. WoW Classic: The Cyrus Trailer

    WoW Classic: The Cyrus Trailer

    WoW Classic launches in just over 24 hours, and we are celebrating with an epic trailer!
  14. The Great Cyrus Gnome Run!

    The Great Cyrus Gnome Run!

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of WoW Classic, Cyrus gathered the troops, stripped them down naked and went on a Gnome Run from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay. Here are some highlights...
  15. WoW Classic - Red's Character Reveal

    WoW Classic - Red's Character Reveal

    So, it has come to this...
  16. Redh

    WoW WoW Classic Recruitment Update!

    A little over two weeks ago Cyrus opened its doors to recruitment again for WoW Classic. We didn't quite know what to expect - whether we would be able to stand out from the plethora of guilds out there, or even the quality of applications we would receive (this is still WoW after all!). So to...
  17. Struckd

    PSA: Join /LookingForGroup not /World

    Just a friendly PSA. Some of us who as familiar with the concept in private servers would immediately join the /world channel. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea. Further detail can be found in the following reddit thread...
  18. Struckd

    Unique and Irreplaceable Quest Rewards

    Classic WoW subreddit community has put together a google doc of niche and irreplaceable quest items that are worth keeping hold of. While not strictly 'need to know', its something good to refer to if you are unsure of which high-level quest reward to take. It also helps to identify quest...
  19. Struckd

    Profession and Class Guides & Resources

    Thought I would make a thread to consolidate all the useful information and guides found around the internet relating to classes and professions. This has already been done to some extent here and here, i'll be cherry picking and identifying the ones that are most useful. I'll continue adding...
  20. Struckd

    Guide Console Commands/Variables

    There's a couple of console commands I'll be immediately implementing when first logging into the game. I thought I would share them with you all in case anyone else finds them useful. All you need to do is type the follow commands in the chat box and they will trigger. If you want a full list...