rocket league

  1. Rocket League Academy

    Rocket League Academy

    Welcome to the Cyrus Rocket League Academy! This is how it all started - day one of our Rocket League boot camp. Who would end up flying high and becoming the Cyrus Champion, the best of the best, and turn into a Rocket League professional?
  2. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Game of Thrones Special - Character Reveals!

    Welcome to the highly anticipated Game of Thrones Rocket League Special! On Sunday 20th August, 12 participants will enter the Throne Room, but only 1 can sit on the Iron Throne - who will it be? Cyrus Gaming is organising a 'Game of Thrones' themed Rocket League night, so it's bound to be...
  3. Redh

    [Guild News] Recruiting now for Cyrus Squads!

    Introducing Cyrus Squads - multiplayer and co-op gaming for players who want more than just a casual drop-in, drop-out experience! Cyrus Gaming, established in 2009, is starting a new venture in multiplayer gaming. We are looking to create dedicated gaming groups, which we refer to as Squads...
  4. Iselore

    The High Octanes - Rocket League

    The High Octanes Rocket League is an amazing game which can be enjoyed at any skill level. This squad will be focused very much on competitive 3v3 and future tournament play (ESL Sunday Cup, Gfinity, etc). We are looking for Steam (PC) players at around Platinum 3 or above rank with a view to...
  5. Iselore

    Training Maps

    I'm going to be pushing my own personal training a bit harder, advanced aerial control, backboard shots, wall shots and I'd be happy to extend this to anyone else who wants to come along. This will comprise of training packs (with guidance of course) and workshop maps aimed to improve your...
  6. Buzzer Goal - Rocket League

    Buzzer Goal - Rocket League

    We managed to hit 9 touches to keep the ball up after the clock had run out to score a goal, taking us into overtime!
  7. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Rocket League Brexit Special!

    The Brexit saga continues! Last night the June 23rd UK referendum decision to withdraw from the European Union was thrown into turmoil as a High Court ruled that the referendum itself wasn't enough for the government to trigger "Article 50" and thus begin the process of negotiating the UK's...
  8. Redh

    Welcome to the Cyrus 'Rocket League' League!

    Welcome to the official Cyrus 'Rocket League' league! Or is it a ladder? Whatever, welcome! This is an 'out of schedule' 1 vs 1 competition that will determine who is truly the greatest Rocket League player in the world guild. Think of this as the 'Top Gun' of Rocket League - each week we...
  9. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] The Master versus The Apprentice

    Ask any Cyrus member who is the brashest, most egotistical and loudest within the guild, and the answer will undoubtedly be @Caellin. What he lacks in gaming ability, he overcompensates with an endless, self-aggrandising commentary claiming credit for any semblance of a team victory. During...
  10. Redh & Dia Are NOT Screwups

    Redh & Dia Are NOT Screwups

    Just setting the record straight! :p
  11. Redh is MVP

    Redh is MVP

    After several warm-up matches, we finished the night with the real match - a deadly game of 4 vs 4. This is what the evening had led up to, and where the true heroes shone!
  12. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] The Cyrus 'Rocket League' League!

    One game that has stood out above the rest during our "Year of Casual Gaming" so far is Rocket League - this is a great little game where the matches only last 5 minutes, and everyone gets to smash into each other with varying degrees of skill and accuracy while occasionally also remembering to...
  13. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Rocket League Shenanigans

    Cyrus is on a "Year of Casual Gaming" while we await the launch of Camelot Unchained. So far we have spent most of our time shooting at each other in Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Quake Live, but tonight we mixed it up with a little Rocket League action - and it turned into a really fun...