conan exiles

  1. Kartesk

    Conan Exiles Game/Screen freezes fix

    Not sure if someone here still plays Conan Exiles, but if so and the Game became unplayable by freezes there is a workaround to get rid of em. Disable all audio in the game settings (set every single audio bar to 0). Locate the config folder. Usually, you can find it at this address...
  2. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Conan Exiles - The First Two Weeks

    Conan Exiles was launched in Early Access two weeks ago, and it has already been quite a ride! Following some disappointingly ill-prepared pre-release live streams by Funcom, which only served to dampen our enthusiasm for the game, we decided to proceed with caution. We originally planned to...
  3. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Conan Exiles - Join our Private Server!

    EDIT: Sorry, our server will be closing on 5th March, 2017. [EU] Cyrus Gaming | PvP Purest | All Welcome! Cyrus Gaming have launched a server for 'Conan Exiles', and YOU are invited! Come ready to fight either with or against us as you strive to become the barbarian of your dreams (thanks to...
  4. Conan Exiles - DOMINATE in the World of Conan

    Conan Exiles - DOMINATE in the World of Conan

    In this video you get to know all about how you can unleash your fury with the savage, active combat system, and how you can crush the homes of your enemies by taking direct control of the towering avatars of the gods!
  5. Conan Exiles - BUILD in the World of Conan

    Conan Exiles - BUILD in the World of Conan

    Conan Exiles is a sprawling open-world survival sandbox, but it's by no means an EMPTY sandbox. Here you must build fortresses and entire cities among the ruins of ancient civilisations.
  6. Conan Exiles - SURVIVE in the World of Conan

    Conan Exiles - SURVIVE in the World of Conan

    Surviving in the world of Conan means a lot more than staying well fed and hydrated. Here you must escape scouring sandstorms, murderous cannibals, corruption of the mind, other players out to conquer your lands, and giant avatars of the gods threatening to crush you and your home.
  7. Redh

    [Club Cyrus] Conan in CamelOt uNchAiNed!

    Waiting. It's not easy. Since April 2013 we have been counting down the days until the December 2015 launch of Camelot Unchained. Of course, we were young and foolish then, thinking we'd be playing beta versions of the game as early as February 2015, some TWENTY THREE months ago. How were we...