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  1. Reserving Names in Camelot Unchained

    Reserving Names in Camelot Unchained

    This is an excerpt from the Camelot Unchained 'End of Week Wrap Up and Q&A w/ Mark Jacobs' taken on the 29th June 2018.
  2. Redh

    Guild News The Cyrus Origin Story

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far... Fark this shit! This is not your typical Superhero origins story - there are no radioactive spiders, no tragically murdered parents, no experimental programs, no mutations, no billionaire inventors, and no mysterious cosmic rays. This is simply the true...
  3. Redh

    Club Cyrus Conan in CamelOt uNchAiNed!

    Waiting. It's not easy. Since April 2013 we have been counting down the days until the December 2015 launch of Camelot Unchained. Of course, we were young and foolish then, thinking we'd be playing beta versions of the game as early as February 2015, some TWENTY THREE months ago. How were we...
  4. Redh

    Camelot Unchained Fixed Groups for Camelot Unchained

    When Cyrus was established 7 years ago, it was with a very clear goal in mind - to create a strong guild that could rally the many splintered guilds of our faction to work together and advance our position in the Realm vs Realm battles which we were comprehensively losing. We were frustrated...
  5. Redh

    Camelot Unchained Beta 1 Announcement!

    It's crunch time at City State Entertainment, and the whole production team is locked in their offices for 12 hours a day working tirelessly to create our next obsession, the Camelot Unchained Depths board game. No, wait - that's not right. I meant the Camelot Unchained Tri-Realm MMORPG! Beta...
  6. Redh

    Guild News Cyrus Citadel in the News!

    Congratulations to @Dia for being mentioned in the latest Camelot Unchained newsletter with her first attempt at a Cyrus fortress in C.U.B.E! Dia had worked on this a little while ago before purchasing a (much needed) new computer, but unfortunately during the upgrade she forgot to backup her...
  7. Hakugard

    Camelot Unchained Class Breakdown - Crafters

    Crafters will be a fully fledged, dedicated class in Camelot Unchained - and that is quite an aspiration for an RvR game. In most MMOs we've played, crafting has been little more than an after thought or time sink that has had no real impact on the game - players have been able to completely...
  8. Redh

    Camelot Unchained Crafters, Assemble!

    Cyrus has always been a straight up PvP guild. But what does that mean, exactly? Does it mean we spend every waking second of our game time in PvP lakes looking to gank someone, ignoring every other aspect of the game? Of course not. We see the value of participating in other aspects of the...
  9. Crafting Q&A

    Crafting Q&A

    -- Watch live at
  10. Crafting presentation

    Crafting presentation

    MJ talks crafting -- Watch live at
  11. Class trio reveal: Stealthers

    Class trio reveal: Stealthers

    Stealthers Live Class Reveal!
  12. Class trio reveal: Healers

    Class trio reveal: Healers

    Healers live class reveal!
  13. Class trio reveal: Spirit Mages

    Class trio reveal: Spirit Mages

    Spirit Mages live class reveal!
  14. Class trio reveal : Support

    Class trio reveal : Support

    Support class live reveal!
  15. Mage classes reveal

    Mage classes reveal

    Mage class live reveal!
  16. Scout classes reveal

    Scout classes reveal

    Scouts live class reveal!
  17. Shapeshifter classes reveal

    Shapeshifter classes reveal

    The #4 class trio reveal is Shapeshifters!
  18. Class Trio Reveal: Heavy Fighter

    Class Trio Reveal: Heavy Fighter

    Heavy Fighter Archetype is revealed!
  19. The Archer Archetype

    The Archer Archetype

    Second trio reveal - Archers!
  20. The Devout Archetype

    The Devout Archetype

    First trio reveal - The Devout