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  1. Redh

    AQ40 - Sunday 27th September

    Roster has been updated again - please check, we have no reserves. I know a couple are stepping down to casual raid, but I hope you will cover us until we have replacements.
  2. Redh

    AQ40 - Sunday 27th September

    Raid moved to Sunday 27th, roster updated. Please check.
  3. Redh

    Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, AQ20 - Sunday 20th September

    Requested updates made, and Laserfun replaced with @Inev.
  4. Redh

    Declined Piccoleenee - Warrior

    Welcome Piccoleenee, and thanks for posting your application. This was a great app, thanks for putting the effort in! I also appreciate that you looked into our history a little - love your Warhammer set! My issue is that the Warrior position is very competitive - everyone wants to play...
  5. Redh

    Accepted Skithealer - Priest

    Welcome Skithealer, and thanks for coming to chat with us this evening! I think we can help each other out enough to make this worth doing - you are available on Sundays regularly, and as occasional back up for midweek raids. More importantly you have IRL friends here, and you accept that your...
  6. Redh

    Accepted Skithealer - Priest

    Odd - join our Discord server here and I'll message you :)
  7. Redh

    Loot Rules - Thursday Raids

    So about the Bindings... 🙃 If Molten Core is run on a Thursday, then obviously we will not be scheduling the bindings bosses on a Sunday. Naturally we are going to loot council the Bindings if they ever drop. It's no secret that @Xeno is next in line, and has been joining raids he is...
  8. Redh

    Warlock Warlock Raid Loot Tracking

    Thanks Zandramas - all updated!
  9. Redh

    Mage Mage Raid Loot Tracking

    Thanks Dia, updated!
  10. Redh

    Rogue Rogue Raid Gear Tracking

    Thanks Nettle - all updated. Have assumed that Klappkanon will pick the shoulders first, because who wouldn't?!
  11. Redh

    Hunter Hunter Raid Loot Tracking

    Thanks quitter - updated!
  12. Redh

    Paladin Paladin Raid Loot Tracking

    Updated, thanks Laser :)
  13. Redh

    Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, AQ20 - Sunday 20th September

    BTW, as promised during last nights alt raids... If we manage to clear BWL with fewer than 10 deaths, we will update our guild tabard. Good luck! 👀
  14. Redh

    Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, AQ20 - Sunday 20th September

    No problem - Zed liked your post, so I assume he's in. Switch made! Take the night off and enjoy the evening with your parents. With Nille stepping down, we may need to ask for favours in the future! @Zandramas has been added to all raids on his Rogue 👍 Also, @Funkyme will be coming on...
  15. Redh

    Loot Rules - Thursday Raids

    Thank you Dawarrior, much appreciated!!
  16. Redh

    Accepted Skithealer - Priest

    Hi - please could check your discord ID is correct, this ain't working for me. Thanks :)
  17. Redh

    Raid Rosters - October 2020

    Hi all, Here are the provisional raid rosters for October 2020 - this is subject to change! This is to give you advance warning so that you can plan ahead - please check these rosters against your IRL schedule thoroughly, and let us know as soon as possible of any issues. Once the main raid...
  18. Redh

    AQ40 - Wednesday 30th September

    There are 3 open spots for this raid. I am keeping these open until closer to raid night in case we manage to recruit additional members to complete our roster, as we would want to get them in a raid with us as soon as possible. However if not, these raid spots will, if available, go to: Mage -...
  19. Redh

    AQ40 - Wednesday 30th September

    AHN'QIRAJ - AQ40 Roster for AQ40 raid on Wednesday 30th September. We will meet in Stormwind, invites start at 19:15 UK / 20:15 Server Time. Please ensure your hearthstone is set to Cenarion Hold. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8 Dawarrior (Tank) Memphis...