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  1. Browner

    DM North for Muggers Belt :)

    Hey i would like to do a few guild runs of DM North, i need if anyones free tomorrow evening (tuesday) , it would be greatly appreciated :P Thanks
  2. Browner

    Realm Transfer

    Anyone got friends that want to join us :P
  3. Browner

    Arcanite Bars for Lionheart helm

    Hey just wondering who can make arcanite bars, as i have some mats.
  4. Browner

    Dire Maul - Saturday 19th October

    IF anyone is doing DM Farming today i am up for it 1 level to go :P
  5. Browner

    LBRS - Friday 18th October

    Hey could some kind people run me though lbrs for xp and loots before UBRS tonight
  6. Browner

    Accepted Browner - Warrior

    QUICK PROFILE Character name: Browner Character level: 53 Nationality: Northern Irish Are you 18+ years of age?: Yes Discord tag ID (i.e. jimbob#1337): Browner / Graeme#5093 QUESTIONS 1. What is your primary motivation for applying to Cyrus for WoW Classic? I came across your...