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    Zul'gurub - Thursday 4th June

    WE ARE BACK! I hope Nouska won't steal any of our raid days anytime soon. 04.06.2020 Thursday 20:00h server time! Be there! All alts are welcome!
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    Grand Theft Auto 5! FREE

    Hello everyone! I don't know if you noticed but GTA is free to download from Epic games. I think you get everything storymode and online etc. I downloaded it and started doing story mode a bit to check it out and it's...
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    Zul'gurub 05.05. Tuesday!

    Hello everyone, I know it's bit late notice, but since there is optional run with mains on Thursday we will make alt run TOMORROW AT 20:00h server time! If we don't get at least 10 people tomorrow we are going to do it on Friday same time. I hope I see you all tomorrow!
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    Zul'gurub 30.04. alt run

    Hello everyone, People told me to make forum post every time we are doing new run, for now people voted Thursday, so we are doing run on Thursday. I know ZG reset is every 3 days and we can make runs twice per week, but for now I think we should just start with doing it every Thursday at...
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    Zul' Gurub alt run days? Poll vote

    Hello everyone, As we discussed yesterday I won't be making this alt runs on raid days because it's just too much. So please vote what day is best for you, you can pick multiple options, since raid resets every 3 days maybe we can do 2 runs per week. Now our roster is back to 50 again, so it...
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    ZG alt runs?

    I really wanna do some runs with my alts in ZG, but I don't wanna go in runs where mount is reserved because if it drops I would kill myself. So I know we have loads of alts now but I don't know do we have enough and is it viable group? Can you please vote of poll and post what class do you...
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    Onyxia alt/pug runs

    Hey! Just asking here, do we have enough people to make Onyxia alt/pug run? Maybe sell Head or bag or vis'kag to get some gold :) I could come with tank, healer or dps for it. If we can get like 10 people from guild, and 10 pug dps, could easily do it and make some gold in process.
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    Ok so we are actually making a lot of those now and I just want to have them on 1 place to know who is playing what. I will start, I have priest healer. Gear will be almost BiS for twink. Engi and first aid ready. Talents 5 points in Blackout, 3 points improved renew, 2 points Focus casting...
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    Krol Blade

    I accidently got one Krol blade today. Current price is 399g on AH, and I will try to sell it. But also if anyone from guild needs it, just post here and I will take it off and we can work up a price :) I would even be up for trade. That epic book for warriors looks good :P Have a nice day!
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    Love event Chocolates!

    So love event started today and since we don't have Love rocket to farm here, we can farm something else. Box of Chocolates - contains an assortment that may include Dark Desire (improves chance to hit 2%/1 hr), Very Berry Cream (+23 spell damage/1 hr), Buttermilk Delight (+13 defense/1 hr)...
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    Onyxia Hide Backpack round 2

    Hello everyone! So we all know the rule if you already have the bag, don't roll on it and it's been like that for months now! I think it's ready to start round 2 on those because I really want a new one! :D I think we should all post screen shot of our bags and bank bags just to clarify and...
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    Gold farming in DM-W

    Hello everyone, Since we found out that there are lot of warlocks without friends because nobody really likes them, it's hard for them to do Dire Maul event for mount. The night we helped @Lilithoaken for her mount we sold that dungeon ID to 2 other locks for 50g each just so they can turn in...
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    Druid Neobrijani - Resto Druid

    Character Name: Neobrijani Class: Druid Spec: Restoration Link to Guild application: Guild Rank (Core, Casual or Social): Core CURRENT GEAR Slot Item Enchant Helm
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    BRD Farm - Tuesday 1st October

    Hey everyone, I would like to make BRD farming group and everyone that won't be in UBRS farming group are more then welcome to join. Need a lot of healing items from that dungeon. I can tank so we will need healer (that won't be angry if I roll on healing gear) and dps. It would be amazing if...
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    Accepted Neobrijani - Druid

    QUICK PROFILE Character name: Neobrijani Nationality: Croatian Are you 18+ years of age?: Yes Discord tag ID (i.e. jimbob#1337): Neobrijani-Arathor #1602 QUESTIONS 1. What is your primary motivation for applying to Cyrus for WoW Classic? Mature guild that will be active and have pvp and...