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    Rogue Vorstok - Combat Rogue

    Character Name: Vorstok Class: Rogue Spec: Combat Link to Guild application: Guild App Guild Rank (Core, Casual or Social): Core CURRENT GEAR Slot Item Enchant Helm Mask of the Unforgiven Neck Will of the Martyr Shoulders Wormhide Spaulders Back Blackveil Cape Chest Shadowcraft...
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    UBRS (Skinners take note) = Thursday 17th October

    I need to farm for gear in UBRS, so do you. I would like to run it twice a night for the next couple of nights starting at 7pm server time VIP for one dedicated skinner for the knife drop since no one can collect the leather in MC as of yet For those who are geared you can always lend a hand...
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    Accepted Vorstok - Rogue

    QUICK PROFILE Character name: Vorstok Nationality: British Are you 18+ years of age?: Yes Discord tag ID (i.e. jimbob#1337): #cantremember QUESTIONS 1. What is your primary motivation for applying to Cyrus? To reminisce, to be a bit of a douche to the opposition. To say hi, (liked...
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    WildStar (and hi, again, its been awhile)

    Was lucky enough to get a key for this weekend, can someone give me some details on how to find you guys, so I can relink with the Cyrus collective. So Dia, Red, hopefully you'll check your forums now and again, since our reaquainting via email, and reload Cyrus. Much Love, Vorstok (and still...
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    Rbg team 30/5/2012

    Just one team for tonight: Karesk - Resto Sham EgyptMaster - Holy Paladin Axelbaxel - Disc Priest Monotron - Prot Warrior DJ Rush - Retri Paladin Breekachu - Death Knight Vorstok - Rogue Naturetroll- Feral Druid (team leader) Xunwhrath - Mage (preferably frost spec, but fire is fine if not...
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    Rated Battlegrounds (the story so far)

    First of all, thank you from Cyrus for the incredible amount of sign-ups for rated battlegrounds, it is obvious this is where the guild wishes to excel. Because we are a 'nice' social guild I feel it is only fair that I keep you all informed with the working and arrangements being made for your...
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    Rated Battleground (Revised) – Apply here

    First of all thanks to everyone for their attendance so far, your enthusiasm has allowed us to revise the Rated Battleground groups so that we are more dynamic and shall therefore have greater ability. At present we have players who attend for a limited amount of time and replacement every two...
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    Noohealz thuz roxx
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    The Evolution of the Retro Raid

    Slowly but surely we'll gather every item we want for our characters so that they look the best they can be, although while doing this a large amount of gold can be gained, the retro raid will end. Unless... All of you will have noticed the vast amount of achievements we are gathering...
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    Retro Raids (Transmog) - Every Wednesday

    Now that the Warcraft Cyrus collective is gaining momentum I think we should pay attention to the minor points of the game, namely: guild achievements, reputation (both of which can gain you vanity items) and transmogrification wardrobes. All these issues can be addressed in a single night of...
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    Accepted  Khemyst- Sith Warrior/ Vorstok- Bounty Hunter

    Character Name: Vorstok Official Forums Username: Vorstok Class: Bounty Hunter (atm) Playstyle: (Tank, Healer, DPS, Support, Utility): Played all styles in different mmo's, preferably Tank, Dps Level: Uncreated until discussed in this forum post Age: 35 Country: England QUESTIONS...