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  1. Cakefast

    Sign up Premade Groups for WSG / AB - SIGN UP HERE!

    EDIT: Read THIS POST for latest update! Hello all , I understand its a busy time with BWL added weekly now but I'm interested in running a premade WSG group . I am currently just seeing how many people will be interested and then if the numbers are good then we can discuss...
  2. Cakefast

    Priest Cakefast Disc/Holy

    Character Name: Cakefast Class: Priest Spec: Deep Holy Link to Guild application: Guild Rank : Core Raider CURRENT GEAR Slot Item Enchant Helm Halo of Transcendence Neck...
  3. Cakefast

    Accepted cakefast - Priest

    QUICK PROFILE Character name: cakefast Character level: 53 Nationality: British Are you 18+ years of age?: Yes Discord tag ID (i.e. jimbob#1337): chuckstermik#8575 QUESTIONS 1. What is your primary motivation for applying to Cyrus for WoW Classic? My primary role is to join others who...