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  1. Goby

    Probably the most angelic voice you've ever heard...

    Live show on Discord after Cyrus clears AQ40 ? :)
  2. Goby

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 22nd March

    Will be avail as always 🙂
  3. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue > >
  4. Goby

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 15th March

    Will be available for both!
  5. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue > >
  6. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue >
  7. Goby

    Loot rules and Big Ticket Item list - Zul Gurub

    Exactly what is unfair with her post? The point in where she thanked ppl who put time into this lootwise or the point she made about if someone in the "core member" status needs loot everyone should help as a guild? Don't really understand this either. I haven't seen anywhere any mention...
  8. Goby

    Rogue Rogue Raid Gear Tracking

    Hey fellow Rogues! I just wanted to clarify my thoughts on loot and my Casual Raider rank. For me, it feels greedy to say "need" everytime a Rogue item drop, since I pretty much need everything atm. And from the comments like "sorry Goby", when you give items to other Rogues even tho I need it...
  9. Goby

    Guide Endgame Craftables - Guild Resource List

    You can add me to Gnome engi + mining, Also have these: Core Marksman Rifle Dark Iron Bomb Field Repair Bot 74A Thorium Grenade Thorium Shells
  10. Goby

    Create your Character Profile!

    Not sure if this include Casual raiders, but i've updated mine aswell.
  11. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue >
  12. Goby

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 8th March

    I'm available for both =)
  13. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue

    Random trinkets >
  14. Goby

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 23rd February

    Awesome, i'm ready! =)
  15. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue

    Got them in the same run, while clearing ubrs for your bwl run 😁
  16. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue > > >...
  17. Goby

    Onyxia - Thursday 20th February

    Thursdays are datenights for me, so can't join. :)
  18. Goby

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 1st March

    Available for MC aswell if needed.
  19. Goby

    Rogue Goby - Combat Rogue

    Character Name: Goby Class: Gnome Spec: Combat Link to Guild application: Guild Rank (Core, Casual or Social): Casual CURRENT GEAR Slot Item Enchant Helm Neck...