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  1. Zandramas

    Warlock Class Meeting

    Hi all, I would like to have a class meeting 1h before raid start time on Wed 16/10. With a lot of soon to be 60's joining our ranks I would like to discuss the following: Spec Rotation of raid slots Gear/ Pre BIS farming Raid prep and consumables Appreciate it is quite short notice so...
  2. Zandramas

    Warlock Zandramas - SM/Ruin

    Character Name: Zandramas Class: Warlock Spec: Affliction Link to Guild application: Zandramas Guild Rank (Core, Casual or Social): Class leader CURRENT GEAR Slot Item Enchant Helm Nemesis Skullcap +8 spell dmg/heal Neck Star of Mystaria Shoulders Burial Shawl Back Elegant cloak +...
  3. Zandramas

    Accepted Zandramas - Warlock

    QUICK PROFILE Character name: Woolleyc5 (Heavydk) Nationality: English (Birmingham) Are you 18+ years of age?: Yes Discord tag ID (i.e. jimbob#1337): Woolleyc5#4260 QUESTIONS 1. What is your primary motivation for applying to Cyrus? Re joining Wow for classic after last playing in BFA...