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  1. Lilithoaken

    1st BWL

    Really enjoyed the virgin BWL raid the other day! Thank you for leading us!! 🥳
  2. Lilithoaken

    Guide Blackwing Lair – Extended WeakAuras Guide

    Oh cool, I already have the add on, just going to import the relevant one! Thank you 😊
  3. Lilithoaken

    Happy valentine’s day

    New car mats sounds romantic, better than a bag of mr porky! Haha
  4. Lilithoaken

    Happy valentine’s day

    I have receive flowers And chocolate from the post this morning, then my bf came home with my card and a bag of pink Mr Porky! 🐷 is he trying to say something!!!
  5. Lilithoaken

    Happy valentine’s day

    My first Valentine’s Day with Cyrus! Happy Valentine’s Day!! 😍 😍 🥳 🥳 Love to all our tough Warriors, sneaky Rouges, dying Hunters, buff Paladins, fat bottom Druids, frozen mages, holy priests and soul destroying warlocks!! And Don’t forget to send your loved ones kisses, chocolates, flowers...
  6. Lilithoaken

    Accepted Goby - Rogue

    Welcome to the guild!
  7. Lilithoaken

    Healers and Hunters - Get your enchants before BWL!

    Nouska, I am torn, should I use my +30 spell enchanting mats for the shitty blade or staff that I have, or should I wait for Mageblade ?
  8. Lilithoaken

    Guide BWL Basic Addons

    Now you guys will have the same add on, you can now all see my HUGE DPS! :cool::cool::cool::cool:
  9. Lilithoaken

    Love event Chocolates!

    I am expecting to receiving all these chocolates from you guys this Friday, don’t let me be disappointed!! 🥳
  10. Lilithoaken

    Accepted Sometimesoon - Druid

    Welcome to the guild :)
  11. Lilithoaken

    Accepted Linnaris - Priest

    Welcome to the guild!!! 😍😍
  12. Lilithoaken

    Molten Core and Onyxia - Wednesday 12th February

    I have changed my flight home to earlier one, so in theory I should be able to make it to both if no flight or traffic delays.
  13. Lilithoaken

    Guide Endgame Craftables - Guild Resource List

    just saw @Repike can make them, can I grab you next when I see you online pls? :D
  14. Lilithoaken

    Guide Endgame Craftables - Guild Resource List

    Request for our alchemists pls? Can anyone of you make Restorative Potion pls? I have farmed 3 hours finally got 23 elemental earth, can someone make them for me pls? :p
  15. Lilithoaken

    Accepted cakefast - Priest

    Welcome! :D
  16. Lilithoaken

    Accepted Lowjoe - Paladin

    Welcome to the guild, :D
  17. Lilithoaken

    Accepted Lowjoe - Paladin

    Good luck with your discord with redh! 😀
  18. Lilithoaken

    Picture thread.

    Yeah I went to the same tour and Jameson tasting tour in Cork, 😂
  19. Lilithoaken

    Picture thread.

    Are you in Ireland @Browner? I don’t normally drink Guinness but I do when I am in Ireland. With some cranberry juice, :P
  20. Lilithoaken

    January Molten Core Raid Rosters

    Sorry guys, I now can not make the coming Wednesday’s (8th Jan) raid due to work commitment ( dinner with a supplier), sorry for the late notice.