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  1. Wonderboy

    Wonder needs a faster mount!

    I am finally on the last part of my chain to get my epic mount. This requires an event in Scholo that takes place in Rattlegores room. I'm looking for anyone who could help me as groups are few and far between currently. It should only take 20m in Scholo but im happy to do a full run if people...
  2. Wonderboy

    Raid Molten Core - Wednesday 20th November

    Scratch that. I got my weeks wrong it's the 28th parents evening is, which is a Thursday so I should be ok for MC through to Christmas now. Apologies for the confusion.
  3. Wonderboy

    Raid Molten Core - Wednesday 20th November

    I have a scheduled parents evening on this day so will be unavailable. Should be ok for the rest of the year after that though. Apologies.
  4. Wonderboy

    Molten Core - Wednesday 13th November

    I have had an awards evening moved to now be on this 7pm. So cannot attend this week unfortunately.
  5. Wonderboy

    Onyxia - Thursday 7th November

    Changing to No for this one, I have a late afternoon training session that won't finish until just before the raid start so it's unlikely I will be home in time.
  6. Wonderboy

    Molten Core - Wednesday 6th November

    Yes I should be able to.
  7. Wonderboy

    Molten Core - Wednesday 30th October

    Yep I can be available. I can even go as a healer if wanted, I have to bring a set anyway for shazz and ragnaros.
  8. Wonderboy

    Paladin Retribution: SoC > SoR

    Traditionally Retribution guides have always maintained that weapons slower than 3.5 are the turning point between using Seal of Righteousness and Seal of Command. After using Shadowstrike and noticing a drop in DPS I did some maths to work out why. I wanted to explain my process in case I have...
  9. Wonderboy

    Onyxia - Sunday 3rd November

    I'm coming back from London this day but I assume I will have time to get back and logged on before raid start. With trains though you never know.
  10. Wonderboy

    Onyxia - Sunday 27th October

    I won't be able to make this now as I have been asked to attend a family meal to celebrate my brother's first child. I may be a bit of a dick but I can't duck out of that unfortunately.
  11. Wonderboy

    Onyxia - Thursday 24th October

    I now get home at 6pm UK time so queue dependant I may be available if needed. Edit: Still not home. I don't expect to be able to make it sorry. Remote access not working on the network Im on.
  12. Wonderboy

    Onyxia Sunday 20th October

    Had a DC that has put me into the queue. In the queue now but 50m until I am on.
  13. Wonderboy

    BRD Arena/Angerforge Farm

    Can organise a few runs tomorrow before the raid if youre about.
  14. Wonderboy

    BRD Arena/Angerforge Farm

    With people now getting what they need from DM, I'm interested in putting a group together to farm for the goodies from Arena and General Angerforge, specifically the elusive Hand of Justice. If we can get a group together we can clear it pretty fast, avoid PUGs that switch to master looter and...
  15. Wonderboy

    UBRS (Skinners take note) = Thursday 17th October

    Happy to come as DPS.
  16. Wonderboy

    Big Ticket Item List Molten Core and Onyxia.

    @Nouska Bonereavers Edge is really good for Rets but personally I feel it's better prioritised for warriors. Obsidian Edged Blade is perfectly adequate for Rets until Sulfuron Hammer and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros which is basically just undisputed BiS until the end of Naxx. I'm saving for the...
  17. Wonderboy

    Raid Attunements

    Attuned to both.
  18. Wonderboy

    Accepted Browner - Warrior

    I feel it's times like this when the real spirit of classic WoW shines through, where you meet new people and make new friends by helping each other out. It's great that it's made you want to join our community. Best of luck with your application.