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  1. Misstres

    Lets get crafty!

    Tailoring 280/ Herbalism 300
  2. Misstres

    Onyxia and Molten Core - Sunday 6th October

    I just got a Skype meeting scheduled for tomorrow from work, and since I work with Americans its at 9pm UK time. I can be online right up until that time and then once it finishes(It will probably take at least an hour though).
  3. Misstres

    Big Ticket Item List Molten Core and Onyxia.

    As per robe of the void is their BiS.
  4. Misstres

    Big Ticket Item List Molten Core and Onyxia.

    By that logic warlocks have robe of the void and its their BiS
  5. Misstres

    Raid Attunements

  6. Misstres

    Big Ticket Item List Molten Core and Onyxia.

    maybe stupid question but why aren't mages also into consideration for item=19145/robe-of-volatile-power
  7. Misstres

    Accepted Neobrijani - Druid

    Cool name :D I already like this guy :D
  8. Misstres

    Mage My fun pre-raid fire in yo face spec.

    Magic resist is a defensive talent mostly picked for PVP in my case. Since mages are prime target in any engagement, its smart to invest in defensive talents.(Hint: In classic you can do partial resists so every point helps in reducing the dmg you take, ressistances are basically like armor for...
  9. Misstres

    Mage My fun pre-raid fire in yo face spec. Just thought I'd share my unconventional spec and maybe inspire the rest of you to experiment a little since now is the perfect time to do it. Its purpose is to be good in dungeons as well as world PVP skirmishes. The...
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    WoW WoW Classic: Server First!!

    The guild was created 1:07am server time. Until some other guild posts better time then we are server first :D
  11. Misstres

    Picture thread.

    Its from 4yrs ago just as it was finished... I had a feeling scarlet crusade will come back in fashion :D
  12. Misstres

    Open World PvP

    Wow you guys seem really experienced with open world PVP tactics, I must admit you are getting me more and more excited about it. Can't wait to learn from the best :D
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    Accepted Worzel - Mage

    How about staying an extra hour after official raid time ends in those once in every few months situations when we know we can kill a new boss if we only did 1-2 more attempts? Also having those CS:GO and LOL twitch skills I'd say you can be beast in PVP with engineering rogue.Just something...
  14. Misstres

    Find levelling partners and groups

    I will be starting off solo I guess but will be actively looking for opportunities to group up with guildies as the opportunities present themselves. Also never hesitate to ask for food/water when you see me around, buying those stuff from vendors adds up to a huge amount by the time you hit 60.
  15. Misstres

    Character Reveals... Let's see what you've got!

    I hear ya, for some people the character is an extension of themselves and they want it to be a male....for me its more about the fact that if I'am to spend countless of hours looking at some1s ass it will always be a female one if I can help it.( that's right all my characters are female for...
  16. Misstres

    Getting About, Without Your Mount

    Don't forget item=11122 every little bit helps :D
  17. Misstres

    Money making at 60

    Those devilsaur leathers will require a full guilds effort and should be well worth it tbh(they should be used in equipping guildies in preparation for MC, selling them would not be smart at that point) ... the other stuff is easily 1-5 manable.
  18. Misstres

    Lets get crafty!

    Tailoring + Herbalism.