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    Guide Preparation for Blackwing Lair: Consumables!

    Update: 20/20 Major Mana Potion 60/15 Sagefish Delight 10/10 x Elixir of Fortitude 15/20 x Dark or Demonic Rune 0/10 x Greater Fire Resistance Potion 0/5 x Greater Shadow Protection Potion 0/5 x Holy Water 0/5 x Restorative Potion
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    Molten Core and Onyxia - Wednesday 12th February

    I'm avaible. I just need 2 bosses tho if someone else need more then I do?
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    Blackwing Lair Week 1 Roster - READ THIS!

    I do apologise for the late response. I am attuned and available the following dates. I am working towards full consumables.
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    Priest Vexohmistdol Discipline// Holy - >
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    Priest Vexohmistdol Discipline// Holy

    Dreadmist Wraps -> Gloves of Prophecy
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    Priest Vexohmistdol Discipline// Holy

    Mindsurge Robe -> Robes of Prophecy
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    Molten Core and Onyxia - Sunday 29th December

    I'm back from a minor Christmas vacation and have totally missed this post, sorry for that. I will be there
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    Battleground Groups - Information and Sign Up!

    Would you consider yourself: PvP Core. Regular availability: Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays. How many of these evenings per week would you like to play: All of the above. In many cases I can do Fridays aswell, but I'll leave that day out for now.
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    Sulfuron Ingots - We Are Cyrus!

    I will most definitely donate. I'm surprised that's the votes are not 100 percentage yes. In my mind this item is an guild effort so the answer is yes. The second parameter is if you have the gold suggested or not.
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    Priest Vexohmistdol Discipline// Holy ->
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    Aqual quintessence

    I've completed the hands and I'm ready to douse
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    Priest Vexohmistdol Discipline// Holy - >
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    Eye Of Shadow Farm

    I can help out in ubrs if needed 😊