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    ALT MC - Monday Runs

    I'd be interested on my hunter for now and my priest once it's 60
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    Zul'Gurub Loot Wishlist

    Like I said before the raid tonight, everyone please take a moment to look over the list and see if your name can be added or removed from some items. I know for a fact that there's a few names still on here that shouldn't be there so don't make me call you out ;D
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    Mage Aneurysm - Arcane/Frost Mage

    You forgot the most important update then Gz on exalted mate!
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    Mage Mage Raid Loot Tracking

    Some good looking scraps
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    Hunter Naseri - Hunter

    I'm not mad, I'm just... disappointed
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    Blackwing Lair and ZG - Wednesday 20th May

    yes but zed does according to the wishlist :D
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    Blackwing Lair and ZG - Wednesday 20th May

    For the ZG raids, following the wishlist can we swap: -Naserian with Norrall to distribute the sword rogues properly for the hakkari off-hand -Zed with Zandramas for the Band of servitude As for the idols since we just started the second rotation there shouldn't be any issues Let me know if I...
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    Rogue Iamashaman (Timo) - Combat Rogue

    Long awaited update with and Added some enchants Will take some time tonight to update my Farming for section and add a nature resist set.
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    Onyxia - 18/05/20

    How about we make a ubrs run for Ghato before we go to ony (and out of thankfulness Ghato passes on the shadowcraft chest if it drops ofc)
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    Rogue Rogue Raid Gear Tracking

    I mostly use tarnished eleven ring in raids actually, I have this one on my profile but I should probably swap it back around since the hit on the prebis ring is more valuable with buffs on.
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    Blackwing Lair and ZG - Wednesday 13th May

    Not if we're swapping tig with naserian like Nouska said right?
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    Blackwing Lair and ZG - Wednesday 13th May

    Since the edge of madness boss has just reset today I would prefer being in the group with Nille and Shimyy, I get that we'd wanna swap groups around for the dagger but it's probably more convenient to do that after we've gotten our edge of madness items.
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    Zul'Gurub Loot Wishlist

    All sword rogues should do this @Aýla @Tigurius
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    Zul'Gurub Loot Wishlist

    You're talking about the main hand I assume, if the off hand went to iseloreh then idk what to say :p