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    Prestige Rank

    I wish i had more time to PVP in between raids but my wife is worse than a defiant zerg pack and wtf pwns me all the time
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    EPIC Raid Loot Drops

    On Monday i got [Infiltrator's Ordinance Belt] Leather Armor Belt Armor 326 Endurance +28 Dexterity +15 Strength +12 Parry +12 I cant find the item from last night at work ill update it here later
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    EPIC Raid Loot Drops

    There was a Rogue tank in the raid but i was spying on people and pretending to DPS
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    Raid 2 Regular Spots - Apply Here!

    1. Character name / Class Gorotsuki/Ranger/Bard/Tank 2. Availability for all three raid nights Yes 3. Previous GSB experience (number of boss kills) 3/5 4. Any interest in raid / class leadership? Time is always an issue with me here but i know your dark desires Red If im tanking its hard to...
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    Raid 2: Greenscale, Monday 4th

    Id like to come and help out if im needed. Red you still need to do a raid test on me Not sure if ill be online a full 30 mins before but ill try monday is a long day at work for me
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    [Essence] Primordial Faeshard - SENT TO GOROTSUKI

    Title: [Greater Planar Essence] Primordial Faeshard Class: Rogue Role: Tanking Upgrade value: High I would like to request the above item to help improve my tanking gear
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    gilded prophecy

    im in mate
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    On Holiday until June 27th

    Im off on my hols to sunny spain for a couple of weeks. Have fun all and cya when i get back
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    Cyrus Primary Raid Places (Greenscale)

    Im Working on it. Tank spec as main good enough for u?
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    RIFT Some Devastating Guild News...

    i think the second picture should be captioned "OMFG somebody stole REDH's hats":p
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    New tank specc sorted. thanks all

    I think the key here is being able to see the fault and taking a positive attitude to solving the short falling of a build. You guys have obviously had a good positive attitude and kicked the shit out of your old builds and come up with a new master plan. Just remember if you die its not your...
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    Ok im back and it almost feels like i was never away

    Ok im back and it almost feels like i was never away
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    Warhammer 40k: Dark millenium online

    The game would be truly cool is u could play as a Gretchin with an auto gun
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    "I am leaving the guild, because...."

    I just thought i would bump up my post numbers and say something possitive here instead of people leaving, also im just an anarchist and like to be rebellious. I forget how long it was ive been away for on a long break but its nice to be back and i promise not to swear too much. Oh and the...
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    Nice read All your own work or are you a master of the ctrl+c and ctrl+p ? What level difference are the mobs, blow any cooldowns, what health are you reduced too at end of fight and use any pots? Just curious as to a grind build and down time between fights or the ability to kill solo...